Let's Make Robots!

Looking for suggestions for website

Hey LMR!

I am looking to create a sit like LMR, but geared towards combat robots. So here it is:


I am looking for suggestions from everyone on what type of content they think should be there and how that should be presented. So please shout out let me know what everyone would like to see.

On a side note, we are looking at putting as combat robot league, anyon near ontario Canada please let us know if you are interested. We are also looking at starting a completely autonomous division.

Cant wait to her from you all!.

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I'd love to help yu out, but it is exremely hard, not to say impossible just to throw out a few pointers when you have made nothing.

If you start making the site, I can assist you by telling you what can be optimized etc.

Other than that, all I can say now is; The content should be Combat Robots, with focus on anyon near ontario Canada ;)

First make something that you think would be great (and if you can not that, then I think you should just give up the project) Second, ask your visitors what they'd like different, let them take part.

Best of luck :)