Let's Make Robots!

... Are Belong To Us

Know your meme! Rocketboom is funny for so many reasons. This is a must see for anyone wondering about or using that frase "All you base are belong to us!", or variations thereof.

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All your cake are belong to us.
oooh i've always thought it was an error :D

That's a great summary. I still really enjoy that song that Laziest Men On Mars did, and often listen to it just for the music :) They also did the "Terrible Secret Of Space".


I think that this was funnier when fewer people knew what it meant. It's not an in-joke any more.

Duh, I'm a 54 year-old old phart.  So, I don't really get it, but that's O.K.

I remember Robby the Robot when he was still just a little pile of parts.   

Duane S

Wilson, North Carolina  USA


Has a lot of info about all your base...


...man brings back memories.


My friend had an 18 person van with an over-powerful stereo system. We'd blast that song and find small hills to fly off of. Good golly, I'm suprised I didn't die then... 

knew most of that

but I'm an internet nerd of massive proportions

I own one of these http://www.thinkgeek.com/tshirts/gaming/3777/

It was great fun to see the confusion on my coworkers faces :)

Ah man I'm such a maroon !,

I thought it originated from Frits...   Thanks for the info Rik...  (so embarrassed) Obviously, I need to go to Geek Finishing School

I only found out about it 2 or 3 years ago when I took an interest in retro video game emulators, and I've always classed myself as a geek.