Let's Make Robots!

... Are Belong To Us

Know your meme! Rocketboom is funny for so many reasons. This is a must see for anyone wondering about or using that frase "All you base are belong to us!", or variations thereof.

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I remember reading about it a long time ago... But it was not so appealing as it is to watch a video. Thanks for sharing. Now, I can't help and add that All your robot are belong to me!

Ah man I'm such a maroon !,

I thought it originated from Frits...   Thanks for the info Rik...  (so embarrassed) Obviously, I need to go to Geek Finishing School

Each person is only allowed 1 internet meme. Frits already had the YDM.
Surely that can't be right. I presume it's one meme per realm?
no one meme per person Frits is done for life. He had his 15 minutes of fame... or whatever measurement of time those wacky Europeans use.

No man, I am on still; It is featured in Google trends by now!

(NOT excactly a high rank compared to such entries as Coca-Cola, Bush and The Beatles.. but it's there! :D)

Now there is European time for you :D

The EU recently went American on that unit. We no longer measure fame in minutes, but in Hiltons. Well, like the Farad, that is a pretty huge unit, so in daily life, we mainly use nanoHiltons. I'm serious! It was in the Treaty of Paris 1994.

Now, that was fricken funny.

A popularity meter that indicates which Paris is more popular. From the makezine blog.


Wow! Where did you dig up that old relic? I've seen one of these before. I think it's from an AVOP meter. Am I right?

I think yours is out of calibration.