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picaxe 08M and servo/servopos - frequency problems?

Is this true? I am a total newb on the 08M, so the manual is full of surprises to me.

It states: "The servo command will function correctly at 4MHz on all parts (except X2, which only function at 8 or 32MHz).  16MHz  is also supported on X1 parts. No other frequency will work correctly".

Does that mean that I will have to underclock my 08M from 8 MHz to 4 MHz in order to use the servo command?

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The base frequency is 4 mhz and max is 8mhz. I think it will require different values though for the servopos command.

"All parts default to operation at 4MHz". Unlike the frequency mentioned in the table (which must be indicating the max). The setfreq command is now my own default.