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The new Arduino era

They said they were cooking us up something...


They will announce the new changes saturday, september 25 at maker faire. 

Just creating this to show and discuss the changes.Arduino Uno


At 3 pm, Sunday September 25th, the arduino team will be speaking at makerfaire on the improvements. This will be live some where on the internet...

So next time you order a actual Arduino main board, it will be the one above.


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I must admit that the loading time on the Arduino has been a bit of a pain, but with all hype of “cooking something new” I hoped for something more than this. If this is all I wouldn’t call it dinner, this is more like a little snack.

Ok so nothing really new except even more memory for the mega :(

At least for phase 1...


I was hoping for something more too pat,they actually changed the name of the board and added a new chip but its the same thing.

kind of, disappointing really.

I do hope this isn't just a veiled attempt to impede generic arduino manufacturers.  All the time they insist on manufacturing their branded ones in Italy, where labour is vastly overpriced, they will be five times more expensive than generics.

The idea is awesome. You can reprogram the small chip to imitate a usb keyboard, or any other USB device. If they make a mini version of this, I will make a prank device which presses random keys when connected to a PC. 

I was hoping for something more...

That's the board i saw yesterday. And the Arduino Mega has the same logo, but uses the mega2560.

Hmm, I thought they will bring out a new board generation with an Xmega 32bit controller.

this is so awesome

i now have a reason to buy another arduino and start wireless projects

I have seen the new Arduino board! It looks the same as Duemilanove, but it's called Arduino Uno. And it does not have the FTDI chip anymore, it was replaced by an Atmel chip, only it was too tiny to read anything else on it and the vendor did not let me touch it. I was looking at it through a glass display. He said it loads sketches faster and he got it today but he can sell it only tomorrow, after the official launch.. Oh, and Arduino Mega uses the new chip also.