Let's Make Robots!

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rc jedi's picture

I like the ir control option. good idea!

becdanek's picture

It´s simple, cheap and above all effective.

Thank you rc jedi




ignoblegnome's picture

Beautiful work on the walker.

I like the 7-segment display on its head. That would be a nice feature to include in swarmbots, so you can easily display an ID number on a set of physically identical bots.

becdanek's picture

Thank you very much ignoblegnome. Glad you like it. The display indicates which is the program that runs each time the bot but, I take note for future projects your idea.

Greetings.   ;-)


becdanek's picture

Glad you like it. Just take an infrared receiver (TSOP1738) connected to a 16F84A which manages signals and communicates with the host microcontroller 16F876A. The 16F84 also shows a seven-segment display the program is running at all times. AS head, I used an old computer mouse in which I have placed a SFR05 for navigation.


PaulJD's picture

Fantasic job!  

 How many IR Receivers are you using to catch the remote control commands?

ralph's picture

Good smooth motions.  I especially like the head both in the way it looks and its movement.