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SAM-H Simulation Aminal Microcontroller - Hexapod

Walk, run, surf ultrasonic, go to the most intense point of light and executes all the moves that you can program sequentially

Hexapod multifunctional. Eligible 4 different programs running from the command of the television.
Program 2 manual mode: Since the command can do to walk forward, backward, left and right.
Program 4: Mode exploration / navigation.
Program 6: Go to the most intense light beam.
Program 8: demo mode.
Executes all the moves he can do sequentially.

More info in.........www.migranjadigital.net  and http://www.migranjadigital.net/p/sam-h.html

Through a software developed for the card will JVMBOTS USB/RS232 servo controller can store in memory all the moves you want.


Greetings ;)



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Good smooth motions.  I especially like the head both in the way it looks and its movement.

Fantasic job!  

 How many IR Receivers are you using to catch the remote control commands?

Glad you like it. Just take an infrared receiver (TSOP1738) connected to a 16F84A which manages signals and communicates with the host microcontroller 16F876A. The 16F84 also shows a seven-segment display the program is running at all times. AS head, I used an old computer mouse in which I have placed a SFR05 for navigation.


Beautiful work on the walker.

I like the 7-segment display on its head. That would be a nice feature to include in swarmbots, so you can easily display an ID number on a set of physically identical bots.

Thank you very much ignoblegnome. Glad you like it. The display indicates which is the program that runs each time the bot but, I take note for future projects your idea.

Greetings.   ;-)


I like the ir control option. good idea!

It´s simple, cheap and above all effective.

Thank you rc jedi