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.NetRC Project

Controls a small RC car via PC with image processing

Small project to control an RC car via pc. I've placed a small RF pinhole camera in the car so I could be used for manual driving and for image processing.

Here are some pictures of the modified remote and the connections to the arduino:

Hacked Remote








Connections to Arduino








The RC control can be manual via keyboard or semi autonomous by following faces (this is still in very early stage of development)

20-10-2010  Cosmetic and Software Updates (new videos)

I've changed the control from keyboard to head direction detection. Still has plenty of bugs and there is some issues with the rc car base.



27-11-2010 Headlights (new videos)

I've had some issues with low light conditions, so I've added an LDR, picaxe 8M and two powerfull leds. Now it can be driven under low light conditions. Also I added a bigger rechargable battery so it would increase the autonomy. 

Breadboard view







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The camera it's poiting bit lower than normal in the onboard video due to a falty screw. I was streaming directly to youtube and only after understood... my bad. The normal angle lets it see faces at a distance and it's better to control as you say. I'll upload a new movie as soon as I have time. I'm also trying face tracking and color tracking so I'll update as soon as it is done.


 lt is very good.

Where have you developed the windows application?

I'm developing the windows side in Visual Studio 2010. As I write this I'm developing a WCF service and web page to control it over the web.