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What is a high-temp therm. resistor called?

Hey guys,

I need a sensor I can stick into a hole drilled into the side of a coal stove. Something topping out at about 1000 degrees F or about 500 degrees C (or so).

I did the digikey thing but my search term is too broad and with 10,000 items including the term "thermal", I am not getting anywhere. I can say that anything called a "termisistor" tops out at about 200 degrees C so I know that is not what I need, but I simply don't know what the name of the part I do need, is. Bottom line, I need a doo-dad to measure a fire topping out at about 1000 degrees and be read by an ADC. Gimme what you got.

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I remember replacing the thermo couple in gas (CH4) burning heaters without ever rethinking my budget. So it must've been lower than this price.

Of course, I don't have the specs (like max temp) on the devices on hand, but I'm sure you could get a cheaper model in the hardware store. Well, over here in Holland anyway.

As I understand it, a TC gives off a voltage, rather than provide you with a resistance. Something to do with a bi-metal thingey and a thermo-electric effect.

Wikipedia has answers. And refers to interesting websites.

"The principal advantages of thermocouples are that they are inexpensive (you can get thermocouple wire pair in rolls to make your own, often for <$0.50/ft.), provide moderately accurate and consistent meas urements, and operate over a wide temperature range (from <0°C to >1000°C)."

Yes, I probably deserved all that...

I'll just thank you all for your help and chalk this one up to a brain fart...

***slinks off, stage right...

Dont they have a iphone app for this?

Thermocouple, maybe? I have heard of those but have no idea how they work. At least Digi-Key gives some results: http://search.digikey.com/scripts/DkSearch/dksus.dll?Cat=1966314&k=thermocouple

A little pricey though.

Edit: Damn, I was slow.

ignoblegnome: Have you tried 'thermocouple'?

CtC: Well, yeah, but don't tell my wife!

Here's one that goes up to 650C.



Is probably what youi need for this sort of heat!



It isn't cheap.