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Computer Numerical Control. Process job request to mill oblects via 3 axis'.
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Built based on www.buildyourcnc.com, in conjunction with the companion book.


I know it's been done before, but I wanted it myself.

I have completed about 98% of the physical build. Just a couple loose ends to finish by the coming weekend.

All 3 Axis' are built, and it's very exciting to have to foundation finished. I will be adding the electronics in Feb/Mar of 2011, but Xmas is coming soon. I will be posting video soon once I have the lead screws and bearings installed.

Following this week's efforts I need to dive into CAD (haven't used it before), but I have some time =P


Following this project I have intentions of a 3D scanner, and then the Cupcake CNC machine from www.makerbot.com. Then my prototyping efforts should be complete.


UPDATED 10-3-10

Completed mechaqnical construction. All 3 Axis' are function through their full range of movement.

Posted Video,


UPDATED 12-31-10


Received three of the required stepper motors for christmas, along with the I/O board. I have attached the motors, as well as modified an enclosure to house the I/O & Driver boards.


Remaining = Pwr Sply, Stepper Drivers, Couplings, Router.


UPDATED 3-8-11


Electronics installed, and configured.

Have successfully ran first automation test =)

It's alive.

Now I have to better understand the use of the tool, and the CAD software.

At least it's finished =D


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I've got a CNC too. mine is 4feet by 8feet and I'm currently upgrading it to a high speed CNC. :)

I use mach3 too

Wow, thats big!

I regret the size of mine to some degree. My car can trasport 2ft x 4ft sheets without hassle. I want to rebuild my gantry and table to mill an entire 2x4 sheet. Perhaps later this summer =)