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Could you use the 256K of memory on the newest Arduino?

Recently the Arduino IDE has jumped from 0018 to 0019 and today I found version 0020 available with support for the ATmega2560!

To me this is great timing as DAGU is developing a new robot controller (Arduino compatible) designed specifically for humanoid and hexapod style robots that require a lot of servos.

The real question is, does anyone think they could use 256K of flash program memory? I thought 128K was heaps with Mr.Tidy's sample code being about 18K at the moment.

Is it worth paying the extra money for an additional 128K you might never use?


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They will use it :)

I read somewhere that AVR-GCC can only handle 128kB of Flash at the moment. But I didn't remember where I read this.

Arduino also has this problem but claim to be working on it so that in the near future the full 256K can be utilized. Below is a quote from their blog "Dinner is ready".

Arduino Mega 2560

An upgrade for the Arduino Mega which will sport the new Atmel USB chip plus an ATMega2560 processor with twice as much flash memory. We’ve been able to obtain some significant savings due improvements in the production process and better pricing from suppliers that we are happy to pass on to customers. This board will have the same graphic design as the UNO.
At the moment, due to limitations in the GCC compiler only 128k of flash are immediately useable but we’re very close to unlocking the whole memory space.

Yes, that's it where I read this first. For me I see no reason to use 256kB on a robot project. As long as you are not planning to use a graphic display with a lot of bitmaps, or run a webserver on it with static HTML pages, 128kB should be enough. Which reminds me on Bill Gates: "640K ought to be enough for anybody" ;-)

Yes I remember the dark ages of DOS V2.1, monochrome displays and "text only" video cards.
In those days you had to press the "Turbo" button to kick the processor from 8MHz to 16MHz.

I wondered how I would fill up a 1.2Mb floppy disk.


Wow! Great memories Russell...remember the Commodor 64, TI-99 etc...that was something back in the 80s.

yes, you can always use it to store data.