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Emails from LMR

How they hecck do I change the settings so I don't receive 100 or so emails a day from LMR's forums???

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Go to your profile (click your avatar) and click subscriptions.


Figure out your user number and substitute in this URL where I put XXXX: letsmakerobots.com/user/XXXX/subscriptions. And take it from there.

On top of that, each page has the option to (un)subscribe to that single page. Check under "More".

And every mail you get has the unsubscribe link in it :)

Easy way: goto subscription page rik mentioned above, tick digest mode and set send interval to daily. that way you will receive just one combined mail about all your subscriptions whatsoever.

I mean one per day...

thanks isotope, and rik that's what i needed.


webmaster i tried that but i would have had to unsubscribe to every new post, but problem had been solved


thanks guys