Let's Make Robots!


Dude, is that your plane there in the background? It is over his left sholder --with flames. I swear, the front end, the size and shape of the ailerons... I think they used the same plans!


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8P - speechless in Switzerland - red bold graphics, xbees scattered on floor and around plane (simular to my workshop)..... looks like depron material.... the servos are angled like mine too (but only one for both ailerons haha), does not look like the motor is mounted yet.........

, so i still should be the first into the air.......... maybe someone is waiting for me to post my amazing code "Mua-mua-muaaaaa"

The whole shelf back there is for failed projects that never got off the ground...?


(only kidding Gareth, love all the stuff your done. Your are really someone that thinks out of the box) 

[but than again, your inner child pretty much runs the place :-)  ]