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Give your Processing sketch a Voice!!

Hey Processing People!

I was playing around with my Twitter stuff and found this voice library at the processing website. Man, use this library! Nothing could possibly be simpler. There is the standard init stuff and then... ONE COMMAND!


That's it. Put anything you want between the ( )'s and it will be spoken. --I gotta say, for testing this is so much better than using a terminal.  --And the voice is not too bad either!

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OddBot's picture

Does this mean that we could somehow include voice in the Arduino IDE?

I am thinking that in some cases it might be useful to have your robot speak to you through the serial monitor when debugging. This way you do not need to be looking at the screen the whole time.

If you have an intermittant problem then it would be nice to go work on something until the computer exclaims "Well that wasn't meant to happen."

pips17's picture

technically, you could assign processing some voice commands according to what is received via serial, you could also create your own codes.

ie: char 1 = val x wrong

char 2 = val y wrong

and so on ...

that way, each byte can represent 1 different error, and you can program up to 256 errors(0-255)