Let's Make Robots!

Create the coolest gadget for Halloween and win!

The guys over at TinyCLR has opened up for a Halloween contest using any .NET micro framework. There are some pretty good prices for the winner. The rules are as follows;

The Contest

Create the coolest gadget for Halloween and win!

The Prize

First place, $250 coupon + 1000 experience points
Second place, $150 coupon + 750 experience points
Third place, $100 coupon + 500 experience points

The Rules

  1. Use any NETMF device and components to create anything you like for Halloween.
  2. The coupon can be used to order anything on the FEZ website www.TinyCLR.com
  3. Upload a video to the internet and forward a link to ghielec at ghielectronics domain.
  4. Create a project page on http://www.MicroFrameworkProjects.com for better chances.
  5. Entries must be submitted by Monday November 1st.
  6. The community will begin voting on November 2nd. The results and winner will be announced November 9th.