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Problems with Arduino XBee Shields

Hello All,

I've recently bought two Arduino Xbee Shields and I can't  make them work.
I've tried this example (http://arduino.cc/en/Guide/ArduinoXbeeShield) and also this from Guibot (http://lab.guilhermemartins.net/2008/12/24/serial-comunication-with-xbee-arduino/) but they haven't worked...
I've also tried the Gareth's walktrough (
http://letsmakerobots.com/node/22655), the X-CTU detects both XBee's, the type and the firmware but on the "Range test" all I get are errors...


Can anyone help me?

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What errors are you getting ? - missing characters or jibberish.......... baud rate missmatch can cause problems.

Even without flow control the arduino/Xbee links are pretty rock steady ( even up to 115200 Baud)

Did you loopback the RX Xbee by using software? or by shorting the data in/data out pins?. (ie for Range test)

I would recommend "Starting from scratch" defaulting the Xbees to "Factory Settings" on the x-ctu gui - modem configuration tab - "restore".

Then you can test it at 9600 Baud before tweaking it further.

NB. all Baudrates have to match - ie. Base arduino 9600 - tx Xbee 9600 - rx Xbee 9600 - remote arduino 9600

1. I'm getting these: "Timeout waiting for data"

2.I'm using software

3. I've restored both

4. They are all at 9600 Baud

Yes, I had the same problem, with two Xbee shields and two Arduinos.

Guibot example is great. However he forget to mention one thing. His code use a baud rate of 19200, for this code to work you must reconfigure the baud rate on your Xbee and the PC setting to 19200 or just change baud rate on Guibot code to 9600 (Xbees come out of the box with a baud rate of 9600).

NOTE: When programming your Arduino board make sure to remove the shield first and if you whant to change any of the setting on your Xbee take out the Arduino chip then put back the shield.


I've tried both ways you described but no one of them have worked.