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High Speed Photography Help!

Hello everyone!

this is my first post so im pretty excited haha.

i want to know how to create something so i can shoot high speed photography.

an example of what i would like to do is of a water droplet hitting a bowl of water and snapping a picture when the "crown" (part of the water which gets drawn up from the result of disrupting the water bowl".

i was thinking about a laser activated "flash" which fires the flash of the camera after the beam is broken, but it should have a delay so i can fine tune it and get the perfect image.

or a sound activated flash, same concept but instead of a laser have it sound activated.

so far i found these two articles:



the problem is i dont know how to program, or what the code is for the "Picture Axe" (second link)

and i dont know if i need a code for the first one (dancing Droplets)


all in all i am COMPLETELY lost and need a great deal of help.


thanks in advance


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me? no sorry...


but a friend of me, yes...


look here: