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Really Useful Electronics Sheet

it comes with the AXE020, but for those that dont have it...

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This is a great tip sheet for noobs. I'm sooooo glad to see someone distinguishing between a cell and a battery of cells!

Pop quiz: Anyone like to tell me the difference between a potentiometer and a variable resistor? (You may disregard the fact that the variable resistor depicted appears at first glance to have 3 tags.) Don't get smart with me - I know the answer.

Then why Ask!
A quiz would be pretty rubbish if the guy asking the questions didn't know the answers.

Unless he would just fake it...


Well this is what i know. The potentiometer can in fact be used as a variable resistor if you leave out one of the side pins. But in general potentiometers are used for voltage dividing. :)

What else...hmm, the variable resistors have 2 pins and pots have 3!  

the pot. and the variable resistor pictures look as if they should be the other way round.
Nope, thats right :)
last day i had a discussion with my physics teacher thatsaid rheostats and potentiometers were the same thing, i kept on telling him it wasn't true! In fact they're not the same thing!
Teachers have a very limited field of knowledge. They know enough to teach you to pass exams. I argued once with my geography teacher that land masses changed in size dependant on temperature. She said I was talking rubbish.
All the knowledge at one glance