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vibrating motor

How I can use vibrating motor? I got it from old phone. Maybe balancing robot (but, I don't have sensors)? Any ideas? Thx

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Im might use vibrating motors as touch-feedback and maybe alarming-signal for my remote control just for fun.

"pager motors" as they are called are really only any good if you have a pair, you can then attach wheels and build a small robot.

I tried to put wheels om some pager motors but there is absolutely no torque. So your robot has to be fetter light. 

I don't think you can use vibrating motors to make a balancing robot, they are too small, don't have enough torque and are not stable. However, there are some cool stuff that you can build using them.

Try this one, its very simple and you don't need any sensors:


Hahah... Very cool. Thank you.