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My picaxe 28x is stupid?

Hey guys,

This is my first topic here, so please excuse me for my very stupid question :P

Well, I just did the Lets Make a Robot start here Robot with the kit provided by LMR.

Initially everything work fine, but right now, it seems like the picaxe can only run one command.

For instance, I write this and upload to the board:


servo 0, 75
wait 2

servo 0, 225
wait 2

servo 0, 150
wait 2

goto servofun

And my servo only turns to 75, the rest of the commands are ignored, don't know why...

I also tried the script:

high 4 : low 5: high 6 : low 7 'so the motor start running

wait 5

low 4 : low 5 : low 6 : low 7

and the motors keep running....

Any help?


Thanks alot

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New test. I tryed to set the servo to 150 position, and it start slowly rotating, and enventually stop. But it keeps clicking....

It is my servo dead? :(

I'd guess that it is now.

Your servo should not be clicking. It sounds like you somehow commanded it to a position beyond its physical limits. Now the little gears inside it may be damaged or have slipped their position. Did you perhaps at some point accidently send a servo or servopos command that was less than 75 or more than 225? All it would take is writing 255 instead of 225 and you can really mess up your servo. (Yeah, I'll admit it. I've done this. The servo was never the same.)

You could elminate other possibities as described by others (something with your wiring, etc.) However, if your servo is making clicking noises, I believe the problem is physically with the servo.

If you are good mechanically, you may be able to open up your servo and determine if this is the case and maybe repair it.


Thanks for your tip and your information.

Maybe I used servo as 255 instead of 225, its a possibility, but I really can't remember...

Oh well, I'll try to open up the servo and eventually buy a new one.


Thanks everyone :)

Did you read about the command servopos? You probably should.

Yes, still not working :(

I did some more tests.

the motors script is working, just only when I work with the servo it seems to crash the whole program...

Any ideia why this happen? With pause it also doesnt work...

Your code seems simple and fine --I don't think it is a code issue. This sounds like hardware. We need a CLEAR, close picture of your set-up. This could be a lot of things. Feels like a reset is floating... I dunno.

Maybe you can try "pause 2000" and "pause 5000" instead of using the psuedo command "wait x." Just an idea.