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Follows lights

So after lots of hard-work, frustation, time, spending money on wrong parts; I built a robot. Its a Photovore based on NPN transistors. when its LDRs are pointed towards the floor, it becomes a line follower.

i used the following parts-

1.)  2 X 2N3904 NPN transistors

2.)  2 X Solarbotics GM9s

3.)  2 X Cds LDRs

3.)  2 X Wheels

4.) Battery holder

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i will post the circuit diagram asap

Looks interesting....now lets see some vid of it moving!

oh ....yeah...i forgot about that. i'll post a vid ASAP :)

nice :)

Thanx :D

i uploaded the video. And no i didnt forget the LMR logo. i will do that as sooon as i get a nice video editing software.

Thanks for the video. It looks like you have a very effective little light follower. Is the line tracing mode working as well?

I havent tried the line tracing mode yet although the motors do slow down when there's a black piece of paper in front of their LDRs and the speed remains the same when the piece of paper is white. I will try that as soon as i think of a modification :)



oh and a quick update - I added a power on indicator circuit.

Nice robot,I like the transistors setups. Can you post the schematic please? Thanks and great job.

thanks! yes i will do that right now :)