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It's 4AM: Arduino SHR Coded but not built

I've been planning an Arduino version of the Start Here robot. Today most of my parts arrived from SparkFun. This bot will be based on Ro-Bot-X's Arduino Shield for building robots.

Today I got the Sharp analog distance sensor (GP2Y0A21YK) from SparkFun, and all the parts that Ro-Bot-X recommended for his board. I figured out how to use the Sharp sensor, which was dead easy. Then I translated fritsl's start here code to the Arduino. Since I'm very new to the Arduino, this was a good learning experience. It really wasn't hard at all.

The Sharp sensor and some indicator LEDs are all set. I still have the body from my original SHR, so that's good to go. Right now the Arduino Mega (overkill, I know) and the servo and Sharp sensor are connected and working (a mess, I know).

Now I'm just waiting for the robot building board so I can connect everything and test it out. Can't wait!

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cool! :)

I got mine today!! Actually, I got it a week ago but I had to wait for my Sparkfun parts to get here first... Talk about a dime holding up a dollar --I had the whole board ready to go except for $1.50 worth of long pins... Just came today. It seems to be working just fine, it is really a good shield.

I was about to try this.

I saw fritsl has a post indicating he should do it but had not as much time to document as before...

I have little arduino experience, so if there is a really guided post / tutorial would be nice... otherwise.. I will just plug everything together and write the code... let's see what happens :-)

So my questions would be:

1- Is there a really guided arduino start here robot (I found some but not as detailed as the original start here :-))

2- Is the Ro-Bot-X shield the way to go for beginners? (I know I want a shield, just not sure which)

3- Where can I find non-electronic parts? like a 90-degree metal/wood piece for the "neck"... or a hard base for the "body".. I think they are harder to find than the sensors and motors :-)

Cheers and thanks!

I will reply about the use of the Robot Builder's Shield for a Start Here robot. IF you already have an Arduino, then yes, it's a good choice. If not, then you can choose between the Robot Builder's Arduino (that has both the microcontroller and the shield functions in one board) OR the µBotino controller (that has the same functionality as the RBA, but in a smaller format and it is not shield compatible). I made a detailed video of building a SHR with the µBotino controller, see the comments on the Start Here page:


I did not translated Frits's code for the SHR, I wrote my own, but it is similar. I should make a robot page for it, but I just didn't had the time to do it.

Hey, I really like Ro-Bot-X's stuff. As he says, if you have an Arduino board already, the shield works great. I love the uBotino for its small form factor. I haven't tried the RBA yet, but I will get one soon, I think. All his designs are well thought out and packed full of features.

If you are already an Arduino user, or know C++, its a good way to go. If you are more of a Basic programmer, the original Start Here robot is an easy way too. I personally like both platforms, but I find Arduino to be more flexible and feature rich. So if you think you will be comfortable programming Arduino, go for it.

For the physical construction, you can go really easy if you wish. Look around this site. People have built robots from paint stir sticks, old CD-ROMs, cardboard (yes, cardboard), plastic cutting board, Legos, whatever. Don't get too worried about it. Get your hands dirty and try something. You'll learn what you like, and expand what you can do as you try.