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Who helped CtC with his nunchuck library?

Are you the one who helped me modify my nunchuck library so that the buttons would maintain a value when I hold them? I lost that library and I need to re-modify the new one.

Is it you?

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You know, I had this fixed and it worked and then... Friggin' arduino had to come out with arduino 019. I downloaded it and set it beside my arduino 018.. After a while I got sick of keeping track of which one was which so I threw version 18 away... With my modified library!

It is really a simple problem, when you click and hold one of the wii buttons, you get one quick "1" then back to "0". When modified, if you hold the button, it stays a "1".

So you see it is not my fault, if arduino would stop upgrading thier editors, none of this would have happened!

Shame, shame, shame! That's gratitude for you :P

Was it in one of your many forums?

If it is you, how do I modify it again?