Let's Make Robots!

No2 (Updated)

Avoids obstacles, follow the line and solves mazes

<added basic Maze Solving video>

<added wii nunchuk control video>

<added line following video>

No2 is a little robot created to play around and learn. It´s small on purpose and lets me focus in things I need to improve after BlueFarAway, like coding and electronics. Mechanics is resolved though Pololu´s chassis and ball caster.
My plan is to have a functional code for obstacle avoidance (as shown in the video), line following with PID control (wip) and maze solving (not yet started). I understand these three scenarios are nice learning exercises :)

On the electronics side I tried to provide modularity so many functions can be implemented. As for the mechanics I tried to keep it as small and simple as possible with the ability to morph into different configurations.

Hopefully it will become my proof of concept robot for future learning scenarios and will be an eternal draft!

The configuration shown in the pictures includes all the power management and motor control in separate module (under Arduino) and the Ping))) module with a little servo to control the direction of the sensors. More modules are planned, like voice prompt and LCD + input buttons.



This is the view of the controller board:

This is a view from the buttom with the batteries:


There´s still a lot to do :)


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I'm Paolo from Italy.

I am a beginner, you can please explain in detail what you used and possibly how to make the control board, in any case you could do a detailed explanation of what it takes? Thank you very much.

Hi Paolo, in the control board I added the motor control driver (Toshiba TB6612FNG in this case, but you can do it with a cheaper L293D as well) and few connectors that help having cables (almost) in order.

Also added a couple of Capacitor to filter electric noise out since I use the same unregulated power supply for both logic and motors/servos.

There´s nothing else and you can make one by following your motor driver of choice diagram.

I chose to add it as a separate board and not a shield to keep max extensibility on the bot, but you can merge this some other functionality in a shield format.

Hope this helps, let me know otherwise!


My request, usually in this website it is hard to find answers, is to make a more detailed explanation for those who are beginners like me. I bought all the material as I would like to make a robot that avoids obstacles and that's it. I own Arduino shield for controlling  three servo motoros, and the Ping Sensor. I learned to use the sensor with various tutorials, I will now ask if you can please pass me a code to programm the Arduino to start making the test with the robot in motion. I would be very grateful.

That´s too bad. (Una cagada).

Hi, unfortunately it´s completely on hold. This and other 5 robotics projects :(

Haven’t done anything in almost a year…

How´s this project coming along?

I had given up trying to find the Sharp proximity sensor locally... but I see that Ditentec carries it! JOY! :) 

I get my parts from Robotshop and have them mailed to me. If you stay below a certain size, weight and cost they will not tax it. What they will do, however, is have you pick it up from the post office in downtown Retiro. Thanks for the info on Ditentec. I have never heard of them before. I will check them out.

Let´s keep in touch!



Sure, it´s complicated to get parts in Argentina, there´s no much around :(

But still the people from http://ditentec.com.ar/ have stock on Arduinos and other parts. They recently added motors and sensord from Solarbotics and they can import other parts by appointment.

I´m bringing parts from USA as I go there from time to time.

I never tried to order via mail, i guess customs will tax like hell! Maybe it´s time to give it a try!

How do you get your parts?

Gald to met you!


Hola vecino Rodrim,

I´ve noticed that you and I are geographically close to each other, but far away from nations were this hobbies are more common. This brings me to my question: How do you buy parts, kits and components? I specifically refer to those not available locally. Do you buy them through the internet and have them shipped to you? I know this is often not easy. Maybe you know of a better way. Let me know... and cool robot, BTW!