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Robot Hand (finished)

Moves fingers, flips off everybody, plays my midi controller


I always wanted to make something that is not too hard, yet looks cool. Not long ago I saw Gareth's post about an Arduino Hand (http://letsmakerobots.com/node/22323) and it really got me inspired. So I decided to make one of my own, but instead of Arduino use my picaxe 28x1, instead of pre-made robotic hand use my own designed one (the one in Gareth's post, in fact, can be bought on ebay) and instead of using expensive servos once again push the limits of those cheap micro ones.

I used organic glass, 5 cheap micro servos, some thread I found at home and a tube I bought from a hardware store.

 Also, taught this little guy to play piano and produce some Drum and Bass :D (look at the video)

This is what I managed to do up till now, but I am also waiting for a few materials to arrive and then I am planning to make this hand controlled via glove:



Update: The controller.

Actually the project was finished more than a month ago, but I was too lazy to update the info at LMR.


The controller glove was made using 5 homemade bendsensors and picaxe 18m2 chip.

The bend sensors are made from resistive, conductive materials and a simple wire. If there'll be enough requests I will make a tutorial, but there are lots of them on the web, thus I do not really see a need for another one.

The principle is simple: When data is received from the five bend sensors it detects the different finger combination, therefore  sending a variable through the IR led to the robotic hand. The specific variable, that has been received on the hand controller then decides which finger conbination should be replicated on the robotic hand. Simple as that.

Due to the controller being more confortable, the board and other components were put into a small box. This little box can be clipped to wrist.

Few photos, as well as the video:

The robotic hand with a stand :                                              


Glove controller in the final stage:

short video:

http://www.4videosharing.com/video/45127/Robotic-hand-preview (sorry for the quality, I really need a new camera :/ )

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i read ur servoMotor code

what's your first input ? cosz not connect with the bend sensor  

That code is not mine - it is phozon's. And it is also arduino code, not picaxe's.

can we use a picaxe controller on a arduino board, if we can should we program it the arduino way or the picaxe style,if we can please give me the programming code for picaxe i am pleading you that is very important for me

I really doubt that arduino project board and picaxe chip would work. You can always take a perfboard or anything similar and make the programmng circuit yourself. It is not as hard as you may think. :)

u just gave me d coolest idea for ma college project. im plannin on attaching this to a robotic arm for d handicapped, and control using a glove. im just startin wit robotics so dont know much abt components. Could u tell me model of the servo motor uv used? anything else helpfull would be very much appreciated :D


Futaba Hitec HS-55 GWS. If you need anything just ask ;)

Respect!! Nice! :D

Thats really amazing work you have done there, it just goes to show that simple design with the right materials is all you need..... dont stop there Mazvydas.

Did you have any thoughts on the pressure sensors glove ?


While searching for the most suitable material, I came across EeonTex textile. The Eeonyx Corporation was willing to supply me with a little bit of that textile. So I will use it for the bend sensor. ;)

This is really inspiring. Makes me want to build a robot hand prop for halloween!

I'll bet I have enough servos left over from the NINA project that were not implemented in my latest robot. Thanks for sharing!