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Picaxe, programming and peanuts

Hi brain boxes,

I'm a bit stuck at present. My problem is, I know nothing about programming. I don't know much about anything really, but programming is really low on my list of knowledgable subjects.

I'm trying to programe my picaxe chip and have no idea what I'm doing, I tried eating some peanuts, but even that didn't help. I still have no idea what I'm doing!

So, I thought someone may have stumbled across an online tutorial of somekind. If someone knows of such web page, if they could let me know and I'll give them a peanut.

Thanks fellers,

The Bromz.

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Thanks to all you guys for the help. As promised, here's some peanuts.

These come in salt and vinegar flavour now. I wonder how they grow peanuts in salt and vinegar flavour.


2 things you should look at.

  1. Picaxe manual 1 going from top to bottom and following the tutorials.
  2. Program editor, in particular, the simulator. The simulator will help you solve many problems when starting out and it will allow you to test your code easily prior to uploading to the axe you are using. This will help you learn a lot faster imo...


Hi "TheBromz" (like your name btw)

I myself am not much of a programmer... I find it the hardest part of the robot. Not including the hard Microcontroller stuff.

But I think I can help. Check out Picaxe.com. Read the Manual (Datasheets). Read the starthere (Top left).

I can't say how much the manual helped me. If you ordered a kit, you should have some papers that will help too.

Best of luck.


I would just like to thank Chris the Carpenter for his help an apologise for my being a dumb ass.

Thanks CtC

I'm not reading any manual. I'm just trying to figure out how the hell to write the code. I learned HTML by editing snippets stolen from various places and assumed I could do the same with code for the Picaxe, but it's got me on this one.

Thanks for the response, by the way.

But first we need to know we are on the same page. Please let me know what parts of the manual(s) are confusing to you. I.e. what you don't understand about the sync process etc.

In your response, I need page numbers to be sure that we are looking at the same thing...

That's it, you give me the page numbers of what you have looked at and what is confusing you and from there, I can give you much better help.