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Connecting AXE033 to Picaxe

Hello LMR community,

After receiving my AXE033 LCD and reading all the instructions I tried to hook it up to a PICAXE 28x1 board without succes

Even though I insert the code the LCD just wont display anything

Because of this I turn to you LMR to see if anyone has used one of these in SERIAL mode and could help me

I added the picture so you could see if there is anything wrong with it.


NOTE: I am using a 4.5v power supply so I connected power to J2 on the LCD board, please someone help me :)

AXE033..JPG230.2 KB

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I don't understand your connections. What do you have soldered to J2 and why is it soldered there? Power? --Not correct.

J2 is a jumper used to switch between 4.5v power and >5v power --this is not where the supply is connected though. If you are using a 4.5v pack, solder the two pads together, if your suppy is over 5v, leave them open.

Next is the connection going to your input pin --You don't need this, you have no clock chip.

I can't figure out where your ground is going --be sure you are sharing grounds

Are you sure you have your baud rate etc. set-up right?

Is the contrast set too high or low?

Be sure the I2c jumper is not jumped.

I think that should cover it.

Here is the manual


Ahhh now I see what they meant by wire link, I didnt get that part.

By sharing grounds you mean the PICAXE and the lcd sharing the same power pack? So they have the same ground?

Im not really an expert, what do you mean by "baud rate"

Then the contrast do I fix that with the switch that says contrast?

Finally which is the I2c jumper you are talking about?

Thanks for the comment :)

To be able to help you more I need to do a little catch-up with you to see where you are on this one...  Which page of the manual did you get stuck on? Give me the page number and a quick question about what you don't understand and I can give you all the help you need.

That's it, just give me the page numbers you read and I will help you get your LCD going.


Well, you are asking for a page, I would say I´m stuck at the power connections page (page 4)

I dont really understand, do I have to use the same power pack that the PICAXE is using or do they use separate ones?

And finally is the connection right? (page 8) I´m not sure if I connected Output 7 and In the right way.

Thanks for your help.

Share the same power source. The same 5v (AA batteries) should be used for both the microcontroller and the lcd. They should "share" a positive and ground. The + should got to V+,  the - should goto to 0v and output 7 (or whatever you want) should goto IN. Baud rate is how "fast" your microcontroller talks to the screen. These screens talk at 2400 baud.

This is your code:

pause 4000 'this gives your lcd time to warm up when you plug it in --might not need to be this long at start-up


serout 7,N2400,(“Hello”)


That's it. If this does not work, you may want to adjust the contrast on the back of the screen. It is the little pot that you adjust with a tiny screwdriver --sometimes the words on the screen are there but not visible because of this contrast setting. If this does work, let me know and I will show you the rest of the commands. I.e. clear screen, move cursor etc.

So, I connect the V on the LCD to were on the PICAXE board, I mean, is there an extra pin to hook it up, maybe the 3 pins near the capacitor?

Thank you so very much,

I have made work, after adjusting the contrast.

I had a look at the commands I figured out how to use them but now I have a new question:

How to display temperature from a thermometer, I have one of those that look like a transistor, and I know you have to read the temp with "readtemp" command and then "debug serout 7" if im not wrong but I´m not sure which way to connect it.

Anyways thank you :D


readadc temp_pin_number,b0

serout 7,N2400,(254,128) 'this sets cursot to first position, first line
serout 7,N2400,("Current Temp ",#B0)
'serout 7,N2400,(254,192) 'this sets cursor to first position, second line
'serout 7,N2400,("This is the 2nd line")

pause 500

gosub clearscreen

goto main

serout 7,N2400,(254,1)


I don't know about "readtemp" I think it is  just a simple "readadc" command. At any rate, there is your code. The # before the b0 means that a real number will appear on the screen. I also added a clear screen sub routine and the commands to get to the start of each line. The code above will read whatever is plugged into temp_pin_number and display the value on the screen every 1/2 second.

Thanks for the code, but as always I have a new question, were do I hook up the information pin of the thermometer, its just that I can´t find it on the web so I suppose you know

I just need to know were to connect that pin

By the way, nice show, first time I watch it live :)