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Glen the Stove, Picaxe, Processing, Twitter and Thermsistors...

Yup, I got the Twitter-stove project done. The video is pretty self-explainatory and code is available upon request.

Glen the Stove on Twitter

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requesting code though maybe I should write my own first and ask questions if need be....

No problem, voodoo but the twitter set up is a little hairy... I can save you a crap load of time and walk you through it. Next night you see me on skype, drop me a IM and I will get you up and running.

I'm going to start on it tomorrow and yeah, I'll have my weather station relaying info on twitter by the afternoon(yes an aggresive schedule). I'll hit ya up when/if I run into troubles...

Seems that everybody has a Twitter acount now, even Stevie Wonder.

Sorry couldn't resist ;-)

It is Saturday today and I am home all day with the kids --I will probably notice your skype message pop up.

My regular skype will be open: theliftedloraxshow

Please call me when you start this, I don't want you to kill yourself.... or go bald.

I hope the house is nice and warm?

Dude, don't keep your video updates to yourself. Share!