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BS2sx BULK (Homemade BS2sx Project)

Since the price for the BASIC STAMP microcontroller line is very pricy, I have decided to create my own BASIC STAMP OEM Design. It is the same circuit as the BS2sx but will cost under $20.



BASIC Stamp 2SX OEM Module Kit

This kit enables me to program the PBASIC interpreter chip and EEPROM chip (both are DIPs)

Price: $39.99

This kit contains the following.

  • PC board
  • PBASIC2sx Interpreter
  • 16 Kbyte EEPROM
  • 50 MHz resonator
  • DB-9 serial connector
  • 5-volt regulator, resistors, transistors, sockets and SIP pins

Some of the features of this kit are:

  • Assembled form factor is a 20-pin SIP (0.1" spacing).
  • PC board includes labeled component locations with visible traces between parts.
  • PBASIC interpreter and EEPROM chips are socketed to allow easy replacement.

The Circuit For the Kit

BASIC Stamp 2sx OEM Schematic


All in all, this will make a nice programing board


My Design is quite similair to this. Except that the I/O pins connecting to the serial connector won't be connected to anything. And instead of pins, I will use terminal blocks for easy hook ups for experimentation and for robotic use.



50 MHz Resonator



BS2sx interpreter chip



16 Kbyte EEPROM


5V LDO Voltage Regulator


If link dosn't work, copy and paste into your web browser.


  • 10 uf electrolyte capacitor
  • 10k ohm resistor
  • 220 ohm resistors
  • terminal blocks
  • Solderable Breadboard
  • DIP sockets

However, this is still in the designing phase. I hope to have a fully capable microcontroler soon, and to be able to incorperate it in many of my project.


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the answer is the oem kit. it comes with a serial connector peice. That is why it is my programing board. Sorry for the confusion.

unless I misunderstand, how will you program it without serial pins attached.