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LCD and Picaxe

Hello LMR,

I have recently acquired an LCD which I found out I have no idea of how to connect to a picaxe 28x1

I was wondering if anyone knew how to in serial mode and could help me out

It is a white on black LCD from Solarbotics code: 50416

Any help would be appreciated :)

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After reading your post about the AXE033, I am under the impression that the suggestion I made could be outside of your skill set currently. I am not saying that I know what I am doing either. I am just saying that you will likely need a good deal more assistance than I can offer.

You are probably right, and don´t worry about not being able to help me I might stay with the AXE033 for now...

As it is 44780 compatible you should be able to use it in 4 bit mode, which will require 6 pins of the micro. If you are really brave you can learn to hook it up w/ just 2 wires, using just a diode, resistor, and a 74LS174. I found someone that had written a library in basic that I then converted to jal. I don't know if my conversion will work yet.


The reason that display was so cheap is because it does not have a "serial backpack" so you can't send it commands like you did with your picaxe lcd. This is covered in Manual 3, Page 38.

Now I see, well by looking after looking at the other posts and the solutions I think i´ll stay with AXE033 for now, Thanks again for helping! :)

Hmm. Looking briefly at the ST7066 datasheet it says it's pin compatible with the common HD44780 hitachi driver. Maybe these links might help:



Both offer some code and insight for the HD44780 and serial in general that I thought was good. Not that I think you just could copy/paste the code and voilà, it works, but maybe they can start you in the right direction? Hope it helps, sorry I don't know too much about your SLCD.