Let's Make Robots!

What's your robotic joy?

I know why I build robots. I like fabricating things and taking the satisfaction of taking humble bits (especially junk) and making them into something more. Something worth burying for a couple days (pls see the LiveShow #6 aftershow hehe). Completion of a project isn't even required, though. Proof of concept can be worth it by itself. And then I have something to canibalize afterwards.

How about you?

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... what can a computer dude wish more?!

I think i get satisfaction in being able to understand something because i built it. We all enjoy explaining our projects and knowledge to others, hence the LMR community. I am most happy when i have a nice "finished product" and i can explain the wiring, programming, circuits, and overall build to any one interested. Its not a competition here, but i think we all strive to build things that have not been done before, or put our on flare on something old. I find that i think a whole lot different now then i did before i started building robots. 

To quote McCabe-san:

"...enjoy explaining our projects and knowledge to others, hence the LMR community..."

If it wasn't for this site my robots might have taken another year to get to their current stages of development. I never really thought of the goodness of having like-minds in reach. Well said.

Me too, I like how what I've created seems to be alive even though it's made from dumb parts... I also feel very proud and happy when I build something that works reliably.

I like animating inanimate objects...  Hmm... that could be misinterprated :P

Mostly it's about taking a processor, motors and sensors and creating some humble imitation of life. The most rewarding experience is when it imitates a living creature in some way that is completely unexpected.

This happened once when I put two "Mr. General" robots together and they appeared to argue with one dominating over the other. In reality it was just the way their IR sensors were interacting.

I also like testing and proving a concept at which point I often loose interest in that project and go on to a new one.

Mwah Ha Ha Ha

    It's .....    ALIVE !

Maybe it's "womb envy" - (notice this field seems to be dominated by guys), we have to make some electro-mechanical attempt ! :D

I always joke around and tell people I'm like JF Sebastian from Blade Runner:

"I make my friends." LOL