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Flame Tracker V1

Allows a robot to track body heat and flame
TPS434_thermopile.pdf492.97 KB
LTC1053_Quad_precision_Opamp.pdf294.56 KB

This is a new version of my compound eye.I am attempting to make a new version of Splatbot using a 6WD "Wild Thumper" chassis that can fight fires.

The major difference is the wavelength of light that it detects. My original compound eye detects light at 940nm which is just below the visible spectrum. This sensor detects radiated heat which is at a much lower frequency of 5-14um.

The thermopiles used are TPS334 produced by PerkinElmer and the amplifier used is an LTC1053CN quad precision opamp which can work at 5V and has an output swing that is almost rail to rail. I have attached data sheets for both.

At the moment this is a work in progress. I have already thought of several improvements that will be implemented in a second version.  Below is a schematic of the prototype. Click on the picture for a more detailed image.

As you can see I have put the thermopiles in groups of 2. The groups are just up, down, left, and right. The two thermopiles in each group are wired in series. Each thermopile includes a local 30K thermistor which can be used for calibration if precise temperature measurement is required. For now this is not used.



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Perhaps your sensor could be encapsulated in a non-conductive coolgel or somthing similar, to give you better reponce times

hi oddBot i am new bee of robotic project. i have look your project it is really nice. i have decided to build a fire extinguaser.

i get impress by your project. i have little bit confusing about your thermopile flam trecker. could help me to build this flame tracker.

i have little bit knowlege of electronics. plz tell me which pin i connect to my arduino uno. because in your diagram there are 4 pin output is there. is all these pin connect with 4 digital or analog pin. also provide som idea about programing for it.

i am very glad if u help me. right now i am at last stage to assemble these thermopile sensor in my board.

The 4 outputs of the amplifier all go to analog inputs. The program was the same as I used for Mr. General.

thanx for help. could u provide some idea about its programing in arduino_uno board.

The sensor will detect your hand but not very well as the difference between skin temperature and room temperature is fairly small. The response time seem to be similar to an LDR. If I put a soldering iron in front of it and then take it away again the sensors will take a second or two to return to their previous readings.

I think this is because the heat that radiated to the sensor to give the reading must then disperse by conduction. It would explain the metal enclosure and suggest that by adding heatsinks to the sensors that their response time might increase. The heatsinks would need to be sheilded from the radiated heat being measured to be effective.

I'll bet it would detect someones torso much better than a hand, no?   (or at least my torso :-)   more core-temp body mass giving off heat, etc.

Yes, you could have two objects at the same temperature and the larger object would be more easily detected.

The interesting concept with your gadget is it detects radiated "Heat" ...

This would be a good tool for Scanning/Detecting "Hot Spots" on heat sensitive equipment .... ie pinpointing/localising the "Hotest" part of something  .... (somebody)

How fast will it detect for example a hand ( milli seconds or seconds) ?

This must be like a $70 sensor no? unless you get those sensors for cheap, if so i would love some for a UAV :)

Your right, I got a shock when the purchasing oficcer told me how much so I doubt if a production model will ever be made. This is just an experimental prototype that I have been wanting to build ever since SplatBot MkI.

I've soldered the sensors about 5mm above th PCB so I could angle them out slightly. This also makes it easy to cut them off later and re-use them.

So far RobotFreak's use of a Wii IR camera in Red Adair is the best setup I have seen.