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Compact - an Arduino SHR

Arduino Start Here Robot

I wanted to make a small Arduino robot using an original Duemilanove and the Robot Builder's Shield. But I also wanted to have a chassis plate so I can mount the parts on. I started to play with the parts to see how they will fit together and finally came up with this design that looked so compact that it became the name of the robot. After a little AutoCAD drawing, some CamBam fiddling and nerve braking CNC-ing, there is the first imperfect chassis plate:

I also made a different one, but I'll show it later.

I threaded the holes with a #4-40 tap (that was the only one I had, I'll have to find a M3 tap). Then I started to mount the motors, battery holders, the ball caster, the Arduino board and the servo. Then I had to take off the Arduino board because I needed to add a bigger hole to pass the motor wires through. I installed the shield on top and soldered a switch to the solid wire I used to route the power from the power connector on the shield to the Vin pin so the Arduino board will get the power from there. Since I am using 6V, the resulted regulated voltage is 4.88V. Unfortunately I can't change the SMD voltage regulator with a LDO version onboard the Arduino, too small to solder by hand and of course, I don't have a proper SMD regulator. But I think it'll work fine.

Here are more pictures of the robot, a video will follow soon:


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did you buy that arduino shield or etch it and if you boute it where


I created it and I used to sell it, but I'm out of stock for the moment. If you need one fast, you can order from my distributor here: http://www.creatroninc.com/index.php/arduino/shields-for-arduino/ardrb-001301.html

Would this happen to be the Compactino that is mentioned in your uBotino Guide? 

Yep, that's it. That's the code I had in it at that moment. Now I have taken some parts out... Changed the chassis so now it's Octobotino...

Nice job! I just have a suggestion. Reduce the speed of the robot by controlling each motor with PWM technique as I realized you are working on. Then rotate the IR distance sensor not only when it detects an obstacle in dangerous distance, but all the time while it is moving around. Try to make a simple map in the memory and make a decision according to the maximum mobility direction to change the robot's direction.


About your suggestion, I could probably do that, but this robot was more of an example off what can you build with an Arduino and a Robot Builder's Shield. Frits already did something like that with his Start Here robot.

I am more interested in doing some more examples for using the µBotino controller with Android control over Bluetooth, voice command, etc. Unfortunately I am low on time lately and it will not improve much over the summer. To top off the bad luck, I lost my Android phone while I was taking a walk in the park (see stupid, if you were working you wouldn't have lost it!) so it will take some more time until I'll be able to shed another $140 for a smart phone (I know I can get it for free, but I don't want to pay for data plan).

Wow thats one cute robot =) How long can it go with 4xAA batteries?

Thanks! How long? I have no idea, I did not let it run that long! I have changed the batteries once, but since then I moved the motors, batteries and board on a different shaped chassis, trying to make a balancing robot. It did not perform good, as the sensors were a bit too high (they have to be between the motors, at the same level as the motor's axle) and the COG was too low. Also I had problems with the motors, they start at a high PWM value and I have to drop that value a lot to have them only slowly rotate. So not a good choice for a balancing robot. Here is a picture of my attempt:

Looks great is the most compact Arduino beginners robot on LMR I've ever seen! Neat plexiglass design. Your robot moves like if it has a rocketbooster in the video! After it has turned it slow starts and then suddenly boosts to max speed!

thats a pretty neat robot I seriously mean it...that is all other robots I have seen or the one I have made have so many wires sticking out making it look like it needs a barber...

anyway I have seen a problem with many similar robots they often dont travel in a perfectly straight line .. they always curve towards one direction...quite annoying...played with the coding but tat did not work...i guess its because 1 motor is slightly faster than the other...anyway 2 fix it??

btw congratz again :D