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jumps like a bull on hot coal


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Added video. I know it's motion stinks.. But it is work in progress, I only made / show you the video because I find it interesting myself to sit and figure stuff out by watching it :)


Well at leat this time I have managed to make something that jumps.. Like crazy :D And that is the problem, it goes nuts!

It's late & dark now, so I cannot get it on video.. outside.. and trust me; one does not want to attempt it inside :)

  • The "pins" are fiber glass, very springey, I found out the Polymorph is quite absorbing / dull as spring compared.
  • At the tips it has steel reinforcement, as it was getting shorter and shorter legs :)
  • The reason for the long stick in front is that I experiment with moving the battery / weight.
  • The motor is from an old RC,I have locked the axle, no dif drive.

More to come, and then better images, and video not made with my cell.. I guess :)

I'd REALLY whish I had a high speed camera, that would make analyzing the jumping SO much easier. This is too big and crazy jumping for any strobe-analyzing.




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u must have scared the shit out of ur neighbors :P

i like the idea of it but i would have make it take steps for the motion... however making it jumping around like a crazy person is way much funnier... i have already some prank i could do with the help of that robot lol...

i noticed that the legs power is different from each other. are the motors of the same power or is a leg heavier than the other??

The motor is from the back of a (big) RC-truck, and it had differential pull, that I have locked with some hot glue. However it is not that locked, it's crap!
haha halarious!!

its like someone walking on a hot coals


It would be really awesome to see a Giraffe or Kangaroo cover over it!


Wish the video worked :P

Thank god this one isn't so terrifying. Good aesthetic though -- the legs look like a bird's muscular legs. Looks like you need another set of fiberglass "antennae" on the other end to keep it from flipping over. Looks like good progress though.


I was thinking the same thing when watching it flip over all the time. Why not make it four sets of antennae?


/         \


Then it would no longer have a topside or a bottom. And it would jump again whichever way it landed (except maybe on its side).

The flipping over is like ketchup on your pasta running down to the table. One could of course (as you suggest) make an extra plate to pick up excessive ketchup.

I like ketchup, but I think I will try just to learn to control the amount ;)

And probably the most sensible attitude. But I was really hoping for a hedge hog jumping around your garden.