Let's Make Robots!

Break a leg, Wild Thumper!

I experimented a bit with video. The weather was perfect for it, as reported earlier.

One laptop with webcam streaming live from my balcony to ustream.tv. And my little 10fps camera on board. Then fool around until the batteries run dry.

Afterwards I found a problem in one of thumper's "legs". It limped. Exploratory surgery confirmed the great fear: a gear is missing some teeth. Oh well, we'll always have the photos.

These are the good gears.

Trying to remember how to reassemble.

Notice the loose tooth.

Output shaft is missing more than 1 tooth.

Wild Amputee ready for action.

Any ideas for a 1x1 drive robot?

Lucky charm: rabbit's foot. Very wild.


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Those gears can't have been very strong if that happened.  I do wish more gear motors used double helical gears.

Don't be a sourpuss, Magnus. Out of 6 x 12 gears only one lost a few teeth. I can't even be sure it happened while driving around. I also dropped the vehicle on that "leg" and the wheel came off. That was the easy fix. I only discovered the stuttering gears after that.

At any rate, my inventions are always as strong as the repairability of the components. I built it, therefore I can fix it (put that on a T-shirt). Except for those gears of course. So Oddbot is helping me out there. That's a whole different kind of engineering. A very kind sort of engineering.