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NINA's Arm

Act as a revolute coordinate arm for my Robot NINA to grasp objects (or shake hands, wave hello, etc...).

A revolute coordinate arm I built to be mounted on my Social Machine, NINA. NINA will be a social machine designed and programmed to interact with humans and in the future will help me explore the idea of teaching those with communication disabilities like Autism and Asperger Syndrome to better socialize with their fellow human beings. The arm is modled after the human arm, will be able to shake hands, wave hello or goodbye, or move about in specific animatronic gestures as the robot is interacting with a human operator.

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Hello, I just saw Nina's new chassis and came back here to see the arm again.   both look great.

have you tested the arm yet?

I love the lynxmotion treads - are those the 2 or 3" model?   is that 1 set on each side, or 2 sets combined per side?

also, I like the lazy susan mechanism atop the chassis for easy body movements.