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CtC First Square Drawn with Little Bot

Yup, my "little bot" is up and running and has drawn his first square.  I am quite happy with the encoders and the absolute centering of the pen. I do think I need to do a bit more balancing of the motors (during the straight runs) and a bit more tidying up in general, but we are on the right track. Next on the list is to get my new lipo's installed (when they get here from China) and a servo to "pen-up" and "pen-down". From there, I would like to write a Processing program to allow me to draw a picture on the screen and send it off to the robot to draw.


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Yup, I have already gotten that one in my brain... Just gotta fabricate the parts.

Oh, and oddbot --I am going to do a more elaborate post about my encoder system etc --there will be plenty of pictures.

Any plans for adding the ability to raise and lower the sharpie?

Photos please for the video impared.

Is it time to break out the t-square?  :)

Looks like you finally made the shield to work! Great! what about a presentation for this Little Bot?

it doesnt change colors...