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Aerial bots


I want to know are there any walkthroughs on LMR to go about making aerial bots ?

Please excuse me if there are, I tried searching but couldn't find any. So wanted to confirm.

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try www.diydrones.com It is only UAVs and Quadcopters. 

I checked that one out. They don't teach you to make one yourself from scratch. It's more about making the existing ones (assembled from kits) go autonomous.

Thanks for replying though :)

I coudnt agree with you more. I had to learn how to make my UGV by myself, but they are willing to answer questions. 


for making a quadcopter

I came across that link after I googled quadcopters.

That is a very helpful site :)

Thank you anyway.

I'm referring to bots like RC Choppers or planes...

Something like the one they show at 4:13 in this video :


These are so-called quadrocopters. They are quite expensive to make, that's probably why there are none of them here, on LMR.

However there are communities that specialize directly in flying "robots". Just google it. ;)

Oh alright.

I will. Thanks mate :)

I haven't seen any flying robots on LMR yet, except for links posted from outside LMR.

Unless you include some recent posts about a robot that will be dropped from a weather balloon to gather atmospheric data. However, it just has a parachute; it does not fly under it's own power or navigate in the air.

So could you give me the links from other website that actually teach you how to make such bots ?