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Live Show notes, episodes #004-#013

Live Shows #001 - #003, --- COMING SOON ---


Live Show #004.1, September 24, 2010 

  The show is late to record (missed around 20 minutes). A humorous recap about An-Tech's question regarding interfacing with a 24LC256 EEPROM chip using I2C. Rik also mentions node 4385 that asks if sound can be stored as well. 


Live Show #004.2, September 24, 2010 

  Rik reminds Chris to hit record after the USTREAM burp :)

(1:23) Live Show Help Segment (continued): Addressing EEPROMs with I2C 

(2:24) Live Show Project Highlight: LogoTurtleBot by isotope  

(7:18) Live Show Segment: Analog vs. Digital Servos 

(10:46) Rik talks about Antonb's Supermodified servos  

(16:35) Chris shares with Rik why his new encoders are so sweet.

(19:22) DutchBot as special guest -or- Rik's Skype dice game. 

(22:14) DutchBot is no-go and Rik explains his game.

(26:52) Calls go out for an impromptu guest, and "Rik" pities the fool that don't answer his Skype! 

(28:55) Live Show wrap-up. 

  • Help arrange the Live Show phone number (206-888-6603) into letters!
  • Chris says he has two and soon to be three pieces of hardware he'll review.
  • Rik announces the first non-broadcasted/recorded-only Live Show Aftershow.

(32:00) Aftershow begins.  


Live Show #005.1, October 1, 2010  

   Funniest thing not properly captured on video: Girl Flavor.  

(3:41) Chris and Rik start the music.  

(8:18) The Weekly News with your hosts, Chris and Rik. 

  • Rik verges on starting his $5 Transmitter segment but Chris reels him in. 
(10:59) A quick overview of Arduino's new Uno board.  
  • Chris talks about the faux-256kb moniker. 
(16:44) Live Show Review Tease/Pre-Plug: BahBots controller 
  • Will go over talking Arduino in the review.  
(20:32) Chris promises to pay LMR website costs for 10 years...

(24:36) Live Show Project Highlight: LineIronBot  

(28:47) Metaphysical discussion of coming back as a speaker.  

(30:53) Walter speaks your Tweets!  

(35:35) Live Show User Highlight: RobotGrrl   

  • New API guru.
  • Great projects that have that feminine touch.
  • Come to LMR more frequently please! 

Live Show #005.2, October 1, 2010  

   Really it's just a gigglefest starting with Walter burping out something unintelligable but apparently it was very, very funny.  


Live Show #005.3, October 1, 2010  

   I think USTREAM sensed the show needed a hard reboot, and afterwards we get right back on track :) 

(0:59) Rik returns to his $5 Transmitter segment. 

  • Talks about how he tested his signal strength
  • Explains his technique of speed control 
(18:45) Rik proceeds to take his Wild Thumper for a test run in the lab. For all the USTREAM public to see.
  • A wise note from Chris about the zero code that gets sent when powering-down the transmitter. (20:00)
  • Chris also recommends a view of frits' page on wireless
(22:23) Chris gets real.  
  • Brownie points for naming your kid "MacGyver." 

(23:51) Live Show User Highlight: Geir Anderson 

Creator of many robots including the discussed Whirligig and the Whirligig MkII aquatic devices.

  • The hosts sing praises of Geir's craftsmanship. 
(34:18) Live Show wrap up. 


Live Show #006, October 8, 2010  

   USTREAM blesses us with a non-interrupted presentation of the show!  

(4:10) Rik shows off his wood. 

  • Chris challenges antidepressants to go up against his sweet audio fidelity.
  • Life Lesson of the Week from Chris 
(9:20) Chris announces there will be an announcement. 
  • Rik says it will be big! 

(10:25) Rik introduces his Wild Thumper project

  • Rik diagnoses and explains his loose resistor shunts. 

(17:11) Live Show Robot Building Concept of the Week: Hacking Ribbon Cable  

(21:08) Live Show User Highlight: Mazvydas

  • His Robot Hand has been profiled by many.
  • Rik feels it's a fine example of the complex idea becoming rediculously simple. 

(25:39) Chris gets all-a-Twitter about Glen the Stove.

  • Be sure to check "Glen the Stove" at Twitter! (not case sensitive)

(33:10) Rik talks about his package.  

(38:02) Live Show Preview: Ro-Bot-X's Arduino Robot Builder Shield v1.0 

  • Packed with great features with one forgiveable caveat.
  • Chris says, "Support LMR homies!"

(44:16) Chris speaks of an exclusive LMR club.  

(54:41) Chris reminds you to watch the Aftershow on Ustream!  

(55:23) Chris and his sentiments on his new WiFi camera.  

(57:40) Special guest caller: fritsl Skypes in from his grandparents house in Denmark!

(1:13:42) Live Show wrap-up  

(1:15:30) Aftershow begins.  


Live Show #007 (part 1), October 15, 2010  

   Live Show's set gets a remodel! No opening music or Walter thanks to...  

(1:20) Chris and his COM port issues. 

  • Nick from Gadget Gangster shouts in and saves the day. Thanks Nick! (3:30) 
(6:03) The Weekly News from your hosts, Chris and Rik. 
  • Also a special travel tip from OddBot for when you're travelling through China. (7:35) 
(9:44) Chris talks about his first completed robot.  

(14:20) Rik begins covering the problem with his Wild Thumper project.  

(17:10) Chris poses an interesting linguistics question to Rik.  

(19:16) Live Show Project Highlight: The Box     

  • Chris approves of the accompanying stand-alone color tracking app. 

(26:10) Rik talks more about his Thumper's stripped gear and the nuances of being a proper gearhead. 

(28:14) Chris gives thanks to glena of bahbots for his contributions and Chris gives his insight on the Xbee v2.0 versus v2.5 (as well as Samuel L. Jackson). 

(32:55) Live Show User Highlight: mintvelt 

  • First "tilt head" on LMR.
  • Celebrates the humble PICAXE 08M 

(39:36) Chris calls for a family meeting about Walter. 

(44:18) Special guest caller: TinHead Skypes in at midnight from Romania!  

  • From salvaged furniture to Madrid v3.0 to the present, TinHeads talks about his Valkyrie Reloaded CnC machine project.
  • Special "CtC analog Picture-in-Picture" experience!  

Live Show #007 (part 2), October 15, 2010  

   Continues with the interview of special guest caller TinHead from #007 part 1. TinHead also gives a short (but excellent) clinic on stepper motors.  

(17:05) Live Show #007 recap. 

  • Closing note from Rik to those with questions about his hard drive motors. (17:30) 
(18:20) Aftershow begins.


Live Show #008 (part 1), October 22, 2010  

   Rik sent me a copy of the official show notes for this episode, but after the hundreds of spam mails, the email got lost in the abyss.   

   Chris goes handheld this week and Rik can't shake the video gremlins. 

(2:13) Show starts but with no sweet music.  

(4:00) Live Show Segment: "What's keeping us up at night." 

  • Chris admits to his deepening Propellor addiction.
  • Chris also promises product reviews are coming soon! (5:00)
  • Rik is endeavoring on talking to his home's furnace in binary (6:13).  

(9:39) Rik shows off his 10K continuous potentiometer he got from his "Pot Meter Fairy." 

(13:03) Chris has explainations for the delays in product reviews: 

  • Bahbots controller
  • XBee's 
  • Propellor (may be in a blog format)
  • One more??? 
(17:08) Live Show Help Segment: Lighting six LEDs   (44:13) Live Show User Highlight: Kelpy   

   Hand of Bob

  •    "...Immaculate work..."
  • "Two Brooksware 2000's!!!" 
  •    Simple light following robot
  • "...Clean, well done..." 

Live Show #008 (part 2), October 22, 2010  

(3:02) Live Show Project Highlight: My First Robot

  • An oldie but a goody"
  • "... Gorgeously done, gorgeously executed..."
  • "Get inspired!" 

(6:40) Begin discussion about the Full hand made UAV by Jad-Berro  


Live Show #008 (part 3), October 22, 2010  

   Show continues on topic after a pause to gather the audience again.  

(2:00) Chris begins his list of concerns.  

(6:27) Jad's paraphrased response to the multitude of comments. 

(9:13) Rik points out that Jad mas made many fine things before.  

(10:30) Touches on polymorph.  

(12:00) Rik asks Chris if the show notes should be in the Chillout Zone. 

  • JAX gets a pair of BW2000's for his efforts ( !o! right back at ya guys :D ) 

(13:35) Gareth proclaimed Undisputed Polymorph Guru!  

(13:43) Rik shares his interest in oogoo (a silicone/cornstarch mixture).  

(15:00) Talk about the Chillout Zone. It's for cool things such as... 

(19:55) The beginning of the spontaneous mission to try and get DutchBot on the show.  

(29:00) The mission is officially scrapped.  

(33:06) Aftershow begins.  


Live Show #009, October 29, 2010   

(2:00) Show starts with no audible Walter.  

(6:03) The Weekly News from your hosts, Chris and Rik.  

(8:50) We get a look at Chris' new control box for Glen the Stove. 

(12:05) Chris shows off his new arcade buttons from Sparkfun.   

(15:51) Rik gets into his OpenTherm-based furnace plans a bit.  

(16:25) Rik talks about the pros and cons of Linux's free oscilloscope software.  

(21:24) A note on the proper beat for CPR.  

(23:30) The show touches on ignoblegnome's encoder problem.  

(24:26) Homage to Q. Tarentino.  

(26:31) Chris' previous COMPORT issue resolved 

  • patrickmccabe had the answer all along! 

(26:48) Live Show Help Segment: De-bouncing 

(36:00) JAX gets a lesson in quadrature encoders and their properties. 

(44:13) Live Show Project Highlight: NINA   

(48:34) Live Show Project Highlight: LED Cube 

  • Came through in one day!
  • Displays the merits of good old blinky lights 

(51:00) Chris asks Rik how he feels about floating inputs 

  • Rik offers many suggestions on how to insure proper operation of Chris' monster push buttons.
  • Rik also mentions power drain issues with pull-up/down resistors on ADC lines (53:43) 

(58:22) Rik shows off his Ro-bot-X 2x2 Arduino board. 

  • Rik gets free stuff too! 

(1:01:15) Chris reminds the american viewers of their patriotic duty.  

(1:10:10) Aftershow begins. 



Live Shows #010, --- COMING SOON ---


Live Show #011 (part 1), November 12, 2010 - length: 13 minutes, 59 seconds 

   Like a well-oiled jackrabbit, the Show springs from the gates!  

(0:36) Rik- "Look! It's music!"  

(1:40) Says Chris of the show, "...(We're) rebuilding, cleaning up..."

(3:54) A quick synopsis of what's to come.

(5:17) A note about the shows' unintentional adult nature.

(6:05) Rik shows off his new component organizer box.

(9:15) A quick note about Life; pretaining to Episode #010.

(10:35) Chris talks about his new samples and the PCBs he's been making.

Live Show #011 (part 2), November 12, 2010 - length: 42 minutes, 40 seconds  

(1:15) Talk about Chris' ADC SMD chips.  

  • The chips are for the his Propellor
  • Description of the basic resistor-capacitor method that your microprocessor is probably using.
(5:37) Live Show Project Highlight: Crystal Ball  
  • Won second place in the TinyCLR Halloween Contest.
  • It even gets the nod of approval from resident master woodworker patrickmccabe.
  • Discussion about using .wav files and SD cards (11:11)
(12:56) The Live Show says to enter contests!

(13:49) Live Show User Highlight: Jaimie  

   Giant Robot Project:  

  • 3-4 meters tall, 4-6 meters in diameter.
  • Made out of scrap aluminum and scrap aluminium.
  • Be sure to check out and comment on his YouTube videos 

(18:36) Live Show Project Highlight: Valkyrie No.4 

  • The fourth version of this CnC machine has made something besides another CnC machine.
  • Made a 32-tooth 22mm diameter gear, aka Richard Gear.

(24:00) Live Show Project Highlight: A.P.O.S.T.O.L.   

(27:44) Chris recommends everyone make an annual bulk servo purchase. 

(28:37) Live Show Question of the Week: Servos going to first position in a violent way. 

  • "I wrote it as if it were a thought exercise... If I get an answer out of it, I'll take it."
  • Remember the rules!

(28:37) Live Show Question of the Week: Hybrid H bridge single relay configuration 

  • Visit the link and give your advice.
  • Rik offers good advice for giving good advice (37:40)

(38:06) Rik waves his contraption around. 

(38:20) Chris and Rik talk about oscilloscopes. 

(40:59) Ackjay asks about the Walter charging project. 

  • Yes, he can complete the task.
  • No, he hasn't literally done the task as Chris has not made the copper charging posts.
  • So yes, he can charge himself.

(42:40) Aftershow begins.


Live Show #012, November 19, 2010 - length: 56 minutes, 50 seconds

   Today's show is hosted by our friends rik and fritsl (aka Frits. Yes, he owns the place!) 

(1:21) Where is Chris?  

  • Chris is ill and resting up (no, not a Lyme disease issue).
  • Get well soon, champ!
(3:36) A quick synopsis of what's to come on today's show. 
  •  Rik - "It will be a repeat of two weeks ago but better... and that's always not bad."

(5:50) Frits heralds the LMR community. 

(6:55) Frits finally decides to co-host the show and not work on his PHP. 

(8:35) Propellors get waved around. 

(10:42) Frits hands the mic over to Rik and says "Go!" 
  • Rik pulls out his new 2x2" uBotino Arduino board from Ro-Bot-X.
  • Populated by components from Rik's Futurlec Value Packs.
  • Needs a robot to power. Frits suggests a bot for the...

(16:50) Simplest - yet most effective object avoidance Challenge

  • A good way to library techniques for a common problem with many solutions.

(18:56) Live Show Project of the WeekThree wheeling doover by emuller. 

  • A phototropic robot with very unorthodox three-ball locomotion.
  • "It's totally out of control, basically."

(22:42) Frits confesses his jealousy over people finishing projects.

  • Everyone is the Project of the Week! (23:32)

(24:31) Frits shows off his beeping and booping Partybot (Powerslider).

  • How to use sound to debug.
  • Frits adds, "No music on robot videos!" (likes to hear the robot working)
  • First "ting!" of the show (28:11)

(29:20) Why fritsl thinks beeping is better than flashing.

  • Many uses for sound output (RF testing, audible distance meter, etc)
(34:10) Rik makes a funny joke.

(35:47) Rik gets boinked

  • Rik - "Who's going to be my boink filter???"

(36:02) Talk about why the server went down the week before.

  • Special thanks to rik and TheCowGod who run the behind-the-scenes!!!
  • A fine example of a community not twarted by physical distances.

(38:26) Live Show Segement: "The Bot That You Would Like The Most To Be Finished At Last."

(41:00) Frits reappears wearing his grandfather's hat.

  • Immediately rik has plans for it.

(42:11) Special guest caller: JAX Skypes in from California during his lunch break!

(55:00) Back to Frits-vision wearing hat #2.

(56:50) Aftershow begins.



Live Show #013, November 26, 2010 - length: 78 minutes, 2 seconds 

   Nothing but chips today!

(As the Live Show format has kicked it up a notch, the Notes hope to raise the bar a tad as well.)

(3:50) Chris and Rik talk about their week.

  • Rik talks about how glad he was to have Frits on the show last week.
  • Chris says he was feeling under the weather but now "firing on all cylinders."

(6:39) Frits is officially denied a special guest because it's the...


'Try my best tah-dah always!'Rik thinks about last weeks show


(6:48) Live Show Expansion Chip Episode.

  • All about the things you plug into your robot's brain

(7:32) Rik begins with the peripherals that attatch to the Start Here Robot board.

  • Board uses the PICAXE 28X1 or 28X2 chip.

(8:41) Request from the hosts for the Ustream Producer Pro software.

(8:44) Chris requests serial numbers from those who have purchased the Start Here Robot kit.

The node number of the famous Start Here Robot

(9:31) Rik goes over the L293D chip.

  • A quad half H-bridge chip commonly used as a motor driver.
  • Can power two reverseable motors using up to 600mA a motor.
  • Plugs into socket on PICAXE board.

(12:14) Rik talks about the very similar SN754410 chip. 

  • Also referred to as "the long name chip."
  • Like the L293D chip but can provide higher current 
  • Less expensive than the L293D

(14:12) A look at the DIL-16 8 resistor chip.

  • Eight resistors in a standard DIL package.
  • aka "The yellow chip."

(15:39) L293 vs. SN754410

  • Flyback diodes? Thermal shutdown?
  • MechGeek2000 says the L293D is "less smokeable."
The Long Name ChipL293DBournes 4116-R-1-331-JF 'Yellow chip'

(18:00) Rik eludes to Chris' lack of loyalty to any particular microcontroller.


(19:05) The ULN2803 Octal Darlington Array chip.

  • Has eight amplifying Darlington pairs.
  • Used to as a switch for higher current devices.
  • Chris points out that the chip sinks current as opposed to providing voltage.
  • Chris earns a "ting!" from Rik for that knowledge.
Diagram of voltage flow through a DarlingtonULN2803

(24:06) I2C Communication.

  • Uses two lines for communication.
  • Multiple devices can use the same two wires.
  • EEPROMs use three user-defineable address pins.
  • Up to eight EEPROMs can be interfaced with only two I2C pins.


EEPROM diagramTwo-wire I2C protocol

(35:54) 74xx595 Shift Register.

  • Takes serial data and outputs it in parallel.
  • Three input pins control eight output pins.
  • Often used in LED arrays.

(43:25) I/O Expanders.

  • Chris talks about the I2C capable PCF8574A I/O expander.
  • Input eight individual bits to get one output byte and vice versa.
  • Has three address pins like EEPROMs (thus eight are able to be used via I2C).
I2C I/O Expander

(50:35) Making RS-232 talk TTL.

  • How to interface your computer (12V RS-232) with your microcontroller (5V TTL) .
  • PICAXE uses a simple voltage divider.
  • Arudino boards like the uBotino need a serial driver like the MAX232 (54:54)
  • For USB communications, use an FTDI driver (58:30)
Clcik here for Ro-Bot-X's uBotino Ardu board"Clever little PICAXE!"

(1:03:56) Chris talks about his servo driver problem.

  • He uses an SD20 I2C servo driver from Acroname.
  • His Propellor board has no ADC pins.
  • His SMD ADC chips are "not working nice."
  • Found an Arduino 328 is a happy I2C servo slave.
Cardboard breakouts FTW
(1:11:44) Chris considers telling a bad joke.He tells the joke in the After Show

(1:12:08) The show runs out of time and Rik covers the chips that were not discussed.

  • 555 timer chip (Rik recommends his tip/walkthrough).
  • Many serial-controlled "super thingys."
  • Charger chips (may be separate show).

(1:14:22) The Live Show wants your feedback!

(1:15:55) Chris says he's a huge fan of the "5 P's."

(1:17:15) Show wrap up.

(1:18:02) Aftershow begins.

Say goodbye, Rik!

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Awesome work. Here's a detail to help you make it even more so. The color conspiracy links to a datasheet for the unpronouncable motordriverchip instead of here. And the Google X-prize links is lacking a http:// prefix.

Bad links and mispellings corrected, thanks for pointing those out! I was having some problems with the notes that could only (from my level of understanding) be solved by splitting up it up. I cut the number off at #013 but episodes #014 (of which you posted) and beyond can be found here.