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ESC says dont use above 3500mah battery

My ESC on the AGV says do not use a battery above 3500mah (something like that maybe a bit greater. I peeled the sticker off already)  with it. Well this limits my driving time, and i would like more. So i am wondering why would there be a limit like this on it? i thought current was asked for, why would there be a limit for how much could be supplied? I want to wire my batteries in parallel to get longer driving time, but am afraid to with this warning. Can i raise my current and lower my maximum speed?

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I have never seen such a rating on other ESCs, i am thinking this is some bogus rating. I do agree that a minimum would make sense, but this definitely said not to use batteries over that current, which really makes no sense.

I would email the mfg to see if you could give an explanation for this....maybe throw this question out on a rc forum as well???

As far as run time goes it shouldn't matter. Some ESC's these days include a built in LiPo charger. If your ESC has this feature then that could explain it but I suspect it would have said do not use a battery with less than a 3500mAh rating.

This is because the charger current regulates until a certain voltage is reached. With smaller batteries that charge current would be too great and could damage the battery.

I agree it doesn't make sense, since batteries supply more than their limit, like a 3500 mah battery doesnt have a limit of 3500mah, it'll pull as much as the battery is chemically capable.