Let's Make Robots!

Moth - My First Robot

Simple light following Photovore

This is my first attempt at building a robot. A very simple Photovore.

As we don't get much sun in our house, I had to use a torch to make the video.

This is all very new and alien to me - electronics, programming etc. - but I feel as though I am well and truly hooked now. I'm getting there, and determined to learn.



I soon became bored with the Moth, so using the same chassis, I added a Sharp GP2D12 distance sensor to make it an object avoidance robot. Due to my lack of knowledge in programming, it took me ages to get the C program to work. Once I did though, it gave me a real buzz, and sense of satisfaction to see it going around my kitchen.

UPDATE 13/11/2010     http://letsmakerobots.com/node/23421

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Best light-follower so far on LMR, period. Good work.

Coming from the master, I'm flattered. Thank you, it's encouraging.

I mean, some people, even on their first robot, come up with these incredibly clean and well built machines. They look like they come from some NASA laboratory. I must admit I am a bit envious, my robot currently looks like this:

fugly robot

messy... messy... messy... and it doesn't work (follow the line) yet

Oh well, congratulations!

I must get back to programming. 

Come Pinky,  we must prepare for tomorrow night!

Looks great to me. Really what a robot should look like, in my opinion.

Dude, you are seriously too humble. Great work!