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Hand Of Bob - Alternative Robonova Robot Grippers - New Video

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Let's assume I was building some that were not going to be mounted to a small robot; in otherwords weight was not big issue....  Do you think some type of small drive chain (bicycle chain?) could be used for the 'fingers'?  Also, I see the yellow wire looking thing that is used to form the grip and attached to the servos.  If that yellow wire or a semi ridgid yellow plastic tube?

Cool hands.


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This is fantastic work, wow :)

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Are you still using these hands on your Robonova? They are so well crafted, great job. Thanks for the vids.

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They aren't actually on the Robonova at the moment, as I am trying to do things with the grippers I made.

You can see those in action here.


That is really nice and great work!!!  Liked the video too!!  build on!

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I've got plans for a new head, shortly, and hopefully will post a video.

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Awesome 3rd video with the hands fitted on Robonova! I think they look great.

So you've replaced the head and the hands. Any other body part replacements coming for Robonova?

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Well, the hands are coming off, as they don't pick up from the floor very well, and the grippers are going on.

I don't much like the head, now, and since the little micro-servo has burnt out :( , a new head will be forthcoming.

Hopefully, it will include a new optic nerve. (Sort of)

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That is absolutely stunning work Kelpy!

I love the craftsmanship and the effort you put in to this. There is a lesson to be learnt for all of us LMR users. Don't just hot glue everything together, -put some effort and love in to your work. You don't need a massive CNC machine to make something great. Just time and devotion.


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Thank you, Geir.

To be honest, they are not that great close up, but they did give me enormous satisfaction when they worked as expected.

Your comments (and the hands themselves), have made all the time taken, to be totally worth while.