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Hand Of Bob - Alternative Robonova Robot Grippers - New Video

Finished today, after weeks and weeks of planning and construction, a new pair of hands for my Robonova, inspired by the Mellissa hands. The time taken is a best guestimate, and the cost includes 2 S3003 servos. Most of the stuff was lying around in my shed, apart from the sea fishing crimps and 14BA nuts and bolts (used for the knuckles).

I have no Cad, CNC or machine tools. They were made at home, in my shed, using a minimum of hand tools, and my favourite - the Dremel.

I will be fitting them to the robot over the next few days, and then try and programme it so the hands can pick up stuff etc. Will post a new video when done.






Also, a short video showing the new head I made for him. The original looked too small and didn't move, so it had to go. I'm not that sure about the new look though, so it will probably get changed again in the near future.











Update 26/10/2010

Well, got may hands onto the Robonova, and managed to programme a couple of moves. Not brilliant, but I'm pleased with the way they work.








They do have some restrictions, like they can't pick up directly from the floor, so I have made a pair of grippers. I'll be fitting them shortly.

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Very nice work with the hands, awesome actually. Its noticeable you really put effort into it. I would very much like to see the design in more detail, if that is ok with you.

Thanks for the kind comment. Most of it was trial and error as I went along. The only drawings I did were these.


They are basically made from thin brass, with slightly thicker for the servo lever. Joints use 14BA nuts and bolts, through 2mm o/a sea-fishing trace crimps, cut to 2 different lengths as sleeves. I don't really know what else to tell you. If you've got any questions I'll try and help.

I like how extending the fingers occurs by pushing the wires.  it seems to work just as well as pulling the wires to close the fingers.   Nice job sir!    I didnt realize Robonova was that big.

are you going to use any rubber material in the palm, or the inside of the finger tips to aid gripping?  (not that it needs any help, from what I see).

once again, great job!

Many thanks for your kind comments, PaulJD.

Well spotted, they are a little large for the Robonova, but don't look too bad. I was governed by the size of servo, to be honest, but tried to make it as close to 1:5.5 as possible. Incidentally, the wires are just ordinary cable ties.

I did buy some foam rubber for the palms and fingers, but could only get 2mm thick. Could have been thinner, as it's too thick, really, for the fingers. I do plan on fitting a pressure sensor to each palm eventually - see how it goes.

Great job! I love them! Is there any way to make them light weight? Hmm, perhaps using PVC cable channel... I'll look into it.

I guess I'll have to upgrade my MiniEric with a pair of these... 

Thanks for that, Ro-Bot-X.

I think aluminium would be lighter, but as my Robonova is the gold coloured one, I thought brass would look better.

I love MiniEric, BTW.


can u just explain how did you made it move or where are red n white wires goin n frm where its goin

Just for testing purposes in the video, the servos are connected to a RC receiver, so they are being worked by radio control.

how to make the wheel turn the wheel that is making the fingers bend using battery n motor????:P