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Hand Of Bob - Alternative Robonova Robot Grippers - New Video

Finished today, after weeks and weeks of planning and construction, a new pair of hands for my Robonova, inspired by the Mellissa hands. The time taken is a best guestimate, and the cost includes 2 S3003 servos. Most of the stuff was lying around in my shed, apart from the sea fishing crimps and 14BA nuts and bolts (used for the knuckles).

I have no Cad, CNC or machine tools. They were made at home, in my shed, using a minimum of hand tools, and my favourite - the Dremel.

I will be fitting them to the robot over the next few days, and then try and programme it so the hands can pick up stuff etc. Will post a new video when done.






Also, a short video showing the new head I made for him. The original looked too small and didn't move, so it had to go. I'm not that sure about the new look though, so it will probably get changed again in the near future.











Update 26/10/2010

Well, got may hands onto the Robonova, and managed to programme a couple of moves. Not brilliant, but I'm pleased with the way they work.








They do have some restrictions, like they can't pick up directly from the floor, so I have made a pair of grippers. I'll be fitting them shortly.

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Wow this is the most coolest thing ever man for the Robonova.  You really should start making a bunch and selling them like that Matt guy did with his gripper.  Awesome work man, I can't wait till I can get me a Robonova one of these days.

Doing them by hand takes such a long time, I think I'll pass on the mass production! Maybe with CNC cutting, and proper bender it may be worth while.

I've fitted them to my Robonova now, and although they are a little on the large size, they work OK. I'm just playing around with the programming, and will post a new video in the next few days.

its awesome just telll me is it moving on its own if it is how? please please please n please ansr before 25th oct its the day of my science model contest

In the video, they are moving using remote control. Eventually when I've fitted them, they will be programmed.

cool did u build it up all ur own well its awesome and could it shake hands u can make it talk also:)

Yes, all built from scratch using brass sheet. It will do when I've programmed the robonova :)

how to make the wheel turn the wheel that is making the fingers bend using battery n motor????:P

can u just explain how did you made it move or where are red n white wires goin n frm where its goin

Just for testing purposes in the video, the servos are connected to a RC receiver, so they are being worked by radio control.

Great job! I love them! Is there any way to make them light weight? Hmm, perhaps using PVC cable channel... I'll look into it.

I guess I'll have to upgrade my MiniEric with a pair of these...