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Hand Of Bob - Alternative Robonova Robot Grippers - New Video

Finished today, after weeks and weeks of planning and construction, a new pair of hands for my Robonova, inspired by the Mellissa hands. The time taken is a best guestimate, and the cost includes 2 S3003 servos. Most of the stuff was lying around in my shed, apart from the sea fishing crimps and 14BA nuts and bolts (used for the knuckles).

I have no Cad, CNC or machine tools. They were made at home, in my shed, using a minimum of hand tools, and my favourite - the Dremel.

I will be fitting them to the robot over the next few days, and then try and programme it so the hands can pick up stuff etc. Will post a new video when done.






Also, a short video showing the new head I made for him. The original looked too small and didn't move, so it had to go. I'm not that sure about the new look though, so it will probably get changed again in the near future.











Update 26/10/2010

Well, got may hands onto the Robonova, and managed to programme a couple of moves. Not brilliant, but I'm pleased with the way they work.








They do have some restrictions, like they can't pick up directly from the floor, so I have made a pair of grippers. I'll be fitting them shortly.

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That is really nice and great work!!!  Liked the video too!!  build on!

I've got plans for a new head, shortly, and hopefully will post a video.

Are you still using these hands on your Robonova? They are so well crafted, great job. Thanks for the vids.

They aren't actually on the Robonova at the moment, as I am trying to do things with the grippers I made.

You can see those in action here.


This is fantastic work, wow :)