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Micro servo for robotics?

Have any of you tested this micro servo? It looks like it was designed for robotics, has mounting holes on the sides that usually are called top and bottom and has an opposite hole to the spline. So it should be easy to mount it on brackets and build a biped or an arm... Any thoughts?


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No, but they sound quite nice. The user reviews on the site seem like most people found them very strong for their size, with good centering. At least one reviewer suspected that these were an OEM for some product due to the unusual mouting, and are probably a limited run. There were a couple of complaints about some of the servos being dead when they arrived, and one person complained the speed was very different between servos.

Also noted was that the leads were quite short.

The metal splined output shaft (and possibly gears) look like good quality. I wonder if these could be easily hacked for continuous operation. The top/bottom positioned mounting holes would make it nice for mounting to the inside of a robot to run a wheel.

For ten bucks they seem pretty tempting, depending on what it is your wanting them to do. If you try them, let us know how they are.

They look just right for building a small humanoid (6 - 8 inches tall). The mounting hole on the bottom, in line with the main spline, lends itself nicely for operating on both sides of the servo. Pretty much just like the servos used in humanoid kits.