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MikroKopter HexaKopter- 6 propellor - GPS guided

MikroKopter - HexaKopter- 6 propellor - GPS guided

I had to bookmark this for future reference - Its stability and build impressed me, so did its GPS navigation and fear of heights

"Vorsprung Durch Technik"

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As Gareth noted, the "swarm of bees".

There is at least one quad (very expensive and maybe the tech that makes it quiet is one reaon, I don't know) - the Aeryon Scout - that is extremely quiet. They even mention that as one of its features (very brief mention in this video):


the guy demoing it suggests it could even be used for covert operations because it is so quiet (also noting that it is just a speck once it gains some altitude). It does seem to be close enough to them during the demo that you would hear it if it made much noise.

I wonder who their target market might be when they demonstrate flying around with GPS coordinates and the ability to carry a Kilo of Coke...

If my current side project pans out, I may get an opportunity to do some work on a similar unit.

Drop everything you have in your hands! This is the new thing :D

Thanks for showing me this, Gareth,

I just OK'ed a Paypal on the amount that cold buy me an extra car.. to buy the XL version of this flying wonder :D

I just had to.

I am now buying some broadcast-quality video, and my hope is to cover all expences by providing my service to film-production, advertising and the like.

Of couse I know that first time I try to fly this thing, it will be apparent that I made a small, but severe SW-error (it is programmed in C), and it will reverse up and down due to owerflow, and all my dreams and investment will be a pile of junk.

Well, at least I have my friends on LMR, so I can take a picture of it, and that will at least make good content.. Hmm.. next thing is that it will mess up the GPS, and just try to fly to the north pole. THere goes even the picure. Well, it will be a good story to tell you in the shoutbox then.

Yes, it will be worth it :D

Don't tell me you just bought one of this:



The possibilites are endless. What about real estate photography? Now all you got to figure out is where to find a jungle in denmark.

reference to video

Good luck Frits ! :) I'm glad you made that decision ! I'm having great fun with mine, you should too :)

I suggest you practice a lot using a simulator before your first flight, and if you need any help contact me :)

Does the XL Version come with "Cool Sunglasses" .......cant wait to see it in action....

.... Yes there is quite a market in using these "Kopters" for surveying houses (ie roof damage etcetcetc) ...good luck

"It's flying into the sky like an elevator?"

They must have some spectacular elevators in germany!


Perhaps a question to Jad-Berro:

What kinds of things have you been doing to your mikrokopter? Is it relatively straightforward to hack it and add, for example some automatic ground/obstical detection?




wow, got a chock when it took off. Man!