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MikroKopter HexaKopter- 6 propellor - GPS guided

MikroKopter - HexaKopter- 6 propellor - GPS guided

I had to bookmark this for future reference - Its stability and build impressed me, so did its GPS navigation and fear of heights

"Vorsprung Durch Technik"

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sorry, i was just stunned by the coolness of it all.....

if i was that cool, i'd wear sunglasses too...


these things are just wonderfull ! very easy to fly and can lift a lotttttt here is a video of me piloting one in beirut :) im an authourity when it comes to MK i have already burned every singe part on it and manually replaced them :P from tiny capacitors to the main AVR chip ! when set to hold this thing just stays as a rock in midair.


Thanks for posting your link Jad-Berro - now we can get some insider information...........

Q1 :- I assume you're using lipos - what rating are they.

Q2 :- What is the run time.

Q3 :- Did you cut yourself on the props yet (i only have one prop on my latest project and it frightens the hell out of me)

I use 5 ampere lipo rated at 50 C current draw !

the craft lasts about 15 minutes in the air if you fly gently, when i fly aggressive and do stunts that require full throttle it will last about 7-8 minutes.

Ohh the cuts :-) its a ritual when you have such a thing ! the blades are sharp as well, and these brush-less motors pack a punch ! after they are in contact with you, they don't stop ! they keep on shredding. and its quite painful because its not only a cut, but a burn as well ! the friction against the skin creates mild skin burns. other than cuts i once got one of my fingernails snapped in two while i was grabbing it out of the air while it was descending rapidly.

When i first got it i used to be afraid of the blades, now i fly it inches away from my head :D

Jad, where did you purchase yours? An online store or a local hobby shop? Could you give me a URL please?

You cannot find this thing at a hobby shop, you order it from the MK shop and it comes fully disassembled.

this is a link to their online shop https://www.mikrocontroller.com/

Thanks again for info ..... 50C .....that explains the acceleration ... i am impressed with the flying time too.

I have not been initiated by my prop yet , though i have seen on the internet that the latest procedure for prop cuts is to just "Glue" the skin back together again even when cut to the bone.

I wonder what is the point of 6 propellers instead of 4. 4 is all that is needed to move in any direction (holonomic motion).

I was curious about what the two extra props give you. I found this article that compares 3,4,6,and 8 blade copters: 

General rules (from Martin Seven) are that more engines means more power and more lift. That means more batteries. That means more time in the air. Brushless electrics like to run slow (lower RPMs), so bigger means more efficient. If efficiency is your goal, coaxial = evil (radial is more efficient). 

Tricopters: cheap, easy to build, least stable, not as robust (tail servo and mechanics), low lifting power and flight time (because the motors have to run faster to hold it all in the air). No engine out capability. Quadcopters: mechanically simpler than tris. While they weigh almost the same they have about 1/3 more lift, they are usually more stable (no servo issues) and are capable of staying airborne for a little while longer (they can either lift larger batteries or fly more economically because the weight is spread across 4 motors and not just 3). Still no engine out capability. If it fails, it goes down. Hexacopters: All the good things that quads have, plus more power and more lifting capability. As a bonus they add limited engine out capability - a hexacopter can lose any single engine and still land (it will lose yaw control though), and if it loses one or both engines on the neutral torque bar it could even continue flying unaffected. Downside is that they are larger and a little pricier, especially if you're running high-grade motors like AXI. Octocopters and heavier: All the good things from hexacopters, plus true engine out ability. Loses any single one and still flies fine. This is what you fly if you need horsepower and reliability in one package. This is what you strap that $1300 Canon 7D under. Even more expensive though. Also heavy craft are really power hungry and unless you have some serious chargers at hand they require a lot of work on the ground before a flight can be made (charging say 5 packs for 25 minutes in the air). 

-So it sounds like and optimization problem waiting to happen. 

The point of adding two more props is to give 8 more extra chances at chopping a finger...........

Seriously :- each additional prop gives more stability ........did you notice how stable it was filming ....