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Serial Pins on AXE020


On the tutorial Picaxe for dummies Fritsl says the following:

D: The Serial communication

The square on the picture should perhaps include the Jackstick :) This is the serial connection used to program and more.

You can also use output- and digital input pins for serial connection, but the ones on D are hard-wired.





But I can't find info about what is the RX pin and what is  the TX on it.


Can you please tell me which is what?



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Always share your grounds, grasshoppa'

No one alive can keep rx and tx straight --Is is rx from or rx to? Is it tx from or tx to?

Do what everyone does, write a simple program that spits out a contant signal (like a count from 0 to 100, sent every second) and check with a terminal program. When it works, the pins are right.

That's what I did. 

But, just for curiosity, what is the third pin for?

from what i understand, pins 6 and 7 are rx and tx pins. these can be found on the datasheet, you better check it before trying this.

once you figure that out, i suggest you try a continuity test to figure it out.