Let's Make Robots!

I Suppose Every Newbie MUST Make One.......


I'm not sure if it is mandatory, but I just had to make one for the fun of it. :)

Incidentally, the antennae are hairs from my 80lb dog. He was not best pleased at being plucked!

(Blue-Bot has had some paint (well, felt tip) since the video)

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Transcontinental Bristle Bots sounds cool :)

Coolie Host Event Idea...... however i am too attached to my carpetsweeper to give it away (its looking at me with orphan eyes)...... but then they have to leave the "Roost" at some time.......

I did consider making a "herd" of them, but I only had the one solar panel (and outdated mobile phone). Yes, it is just a solar panel connected to the vibrating motor. Seems to work OK.

Incidentally, I love all your bots, and apologise for "borrowing" your idea for legs as on the Tabletop Sweeper. Certainly makes it more stable.

Borrowing ideas.......that's the whole point of the openness of LMR, take,refine,and place into the LMR "Grub Jar" (then someone else can do the same), each generation brings a new twist or idea......

(you see ......i will not settle now after until i have fixed a solarcell to my latest toothbrush), this will then cure my conscience of wasting button cell batteries.

My son has made one too and he used 3X 1n914 diodes for the legs.....

is that a simple solar panel, or some sort of solar engine? if so, did you build it yourself/bought, where/how?

It's a simple solar panel. I got a box of "interesting" toys at a car boot sale a couple of months ago for £2. It was on some sort of dinky car. Presumably, there was a motor in the car at some time.

Very cute. Nice work with the video and photography as well!