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Learning Spin: Multitasking

Doing 2 things at once is pretty easy!  This video tutorial goes over simultaneous multitasking on the Propeller.  My other tutorials (including my written multitasking guide) are here

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Even though I went through all of the PE Kit book except the last chapter on the counter modules, I find that I still learn and retain things better by seeing and by doing it. The one thing that was not covered well in the PE Kit doc or the Prop manual was using the Spin Object to calculate how much stack was needed to run some code in a cog.

Could you post a demo for the advanced ones of us who still have trouble calculating our stack size?

I haven't actually used it much myself, but I'll have to give it a whirl and make a video for it.

double post


Nice and clear tutorials

I just got my prop stuff from gagdgetganster
Special thanks to Nick for the great customer support
And a plus for the anti static bags that are resealable

To bad I currently haven't got much time
Du to school stuff, nights are getting shorter by the day
I still wonder how it is possible to keep awake whit such little sleep

Love video tutorials. They are very well made and very informative.

Personally I probably wont try the propeller out, but judging by CtC's enthusiasm its probably a great processor.  

I also should do something for the PICaxe, but I don't know the PICaxe nearly as well as I know the Prop. 

Prop is great, PIC is great, AVR is great & you can do awesome projects with any of them.  Just another tool in the belt.

I wish there was a way to upvote comments because this would deserve it.....

You could always send a comment into the Chill Zone.