Let's Make Robots!

Full hand made UAV

Fly, autonomous

I don't really like to talk a lot about what i make, but i can answer all your questions that you might ask in your comments :)

here are the photos, self explanatory :)

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you should make a how to so everyone could build one. if it flys lol just saying

Whether it flies or not, at this point, I'm impressed at what you've done and hope to see video of it flying....or otherwise...  :D

This will rock....

i think you are going to start a new tendency of UAVs on LMR (as happened with the CNCs)...

i want to make one UAV.........................ñ thanks JAD....

I really want to be the nay-sayer here and point out all the things I think are well... Small tail, no spar in the wing, square trailing edge and chunky leading edge, etc. etc.

That being said, I really want to be proven wrong as well.

"no spar in the wing"  I see this as potential failure point...  :/

That being said, I really want to be proven wrong as well. <--I'm really hoping for this as well....  :)

As a scratch model plane builder from yesteryear the same design features caught my attention. However some of my earliest rudimentary designs were far from orthodox looking but flew without an autopilot anyhow. They crashed a little hard but...

That being said, I want this thing to soar like a leaf. You can laugh in everyone's face if it does ;) Scratchbuilt rules.

Also, I think the UAV Predators will be jealous of your plane if you get it up there. It's got similar lines minus a few million dollars in doo-dads. Get a little pilot figure to sit on the top of your plane so you can give them the finger like Top Gun lol

Keep us informed!

We are not saying, we are just saying...


I don't want to be a downer, but it seems also ways to heavy with 850g. I would also change the color that you find at least the wreckage after a crash landing :) Here is an interesting paper in how to design gliders, boost gliders, but this also applies for your attempt. Maybe useful.


Sure, the question is only HOW LONG :P

Seriously, try to reduce the weight dramatically, then you might have a chance to keep it a while in the air.