Let's Make Robots!

Full hand made UAV

Fly, autonomous

I don't really like to talk a lot about what i make, but i can answer all your questions that you might ask in your comments :)

here are the photos, self explanatory :)

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Please post a video of the first flight.

i still have a loooong way before it flies :) its a chicken now :P about to become a hawk ! :P

my order is being delayed from hobbyking, im waiting for the servos, hinges and horns  !


Very impressing 


Quite Impressive!

Tell us about the autopilot system. What will you be using and what will it do?

Custom designed board based on arduino. the basic MCU-gyro-accelerometer-GPS-pressure sensor-compass etc etc

ground link will be established so i can have direct communication with the MCU and of course capability of flying it with normal RC gear.

Im just waiting for the plane to become airborne with normal RC gear for me to switch and work on the avionics :)

I have been building airplanes for 15 years now, realliy like yout proyect..... but:


why do you make the wings that way, they are not strong for a fly, they need reinforcements, where are thre servo pictures? i cant see the controll horns........ 

does it ballance? where does the batteries go? the tail controll surfaces seems to be little....

How are you going to controll it?

you need more support in the body of the airplane in the part that holds the wing...

how did you make the wing profile............ i can help to design a better one.... look for the NACA 4415 profile for a start

i have so many tings to ask....


we will chit-chat on Facebook :)

I was a bit curious about the balance as well though depending on where the battery and other electronics are located, I could see it working. If he can keep the components secure in a specific location, this could work....

Reinforcing the wings at the body would be my concern as that appears to be a weak point...

A7la lebnan