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Cheap PCB batch house

Update 05.04.11: Seeedstudio now cheaper with more options!

You may know of Seeedstudio. You may know that you can get cheap PCBs from them here. That is pretty darn cheap, 10 5cmx5cm double layer PCBs all of the same design for $10 ($1 a PCB). Or 10 double layer PCBs 10cmx10cm max for $25. Shipping to the states is about $2 and normally takes about a month for my PCBs to arrive from the day i ordered them (with the cheap shipping). And, as rik reminded me, do not forget the 5% discount on the front page of LMR. 

Those are good prices, but it seems it gets cheaper...

I found this website online. They clearly use the same PCB service to make their PCBs as Seeedstudio does, the information is the same and the page looks identical. But the prices are a bit cheaper. Instead of $20 its $12 and instead of $40 its $28. Shipping to the states is $3. 

So 2 cheap websites you can get your PCBs made at. I have only used Seeedstudio, but like i said, the other one looks like the identical service but for a bit less. I have used them 3 times and know other people and members of LMR who have used Seedstudio to get their PCBs made.  So get your PCBs made already!


Dorkbotpdx also isnt too bad for small designs, larger ones seems like it would get pricey. http://www.dorkbotpdx.org/wiki/pcb_order

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I used this one.  www.nexpcb.com

There are some PCB prototype packages.

It isn't the cheapest one, but the speed is quick.



your suggestion will be ok, but, many of the people around here don't have $140+ for 5 boards that can be a max of about 6" x 4". For that price most of us could have about 50 boards in about 3 weeks.

I appreciate the information, but, it certainly doesn't fit this forum post.

Yes, Seeed and Itead from China are popular and meet most of people's requirement here, with low price and high quality.

While NexPCB is from China, too. It has boston office, near by me, that's easy for me to communicate with them. Its advantages are Quick Lead time: 7 Working days, Free Shipment, ROHS. 

People could enjoy proper suppliers based on their requirement. 

Seeedstudio's price is now lower. Starting at 10 PCBs for $10.

Check the LMR frontpage for details: how to get 5% discount from our sponsors.

Including Seeed's new Fusion PCB Service.

I was just saying today that the price couldn't possibly be any cheaper at $16 shipped for ten 5cm x 5cm PCBs.  I feel an Xmega board in the near future.

I used Itead Studio for my last PCB order.  The quality of the boards was good. They were fabricated in less than a week but shiping took more than 3 weeks.  If you can wait for your boards Itead Studio is a good service.

Got some boards back from DorkbotPDX. They are some Attiny breakout boards i designed. Cost me about $2 for 3 with free shipping plus a free little breakout board he included.  The PCBs have gold plating and a purple silkscreen. My tiny text didnt work out perfectly though, but thats ok. 


Free stuff yay! :

Good find.  If you end up needing a board that is routed to shape I recommend Sunstone Circuits ValueProto service (iTeadstudio only does square boards).  I had my boards in about four days (Oregon, USA company) and it was cheap for small quantities / board sizes.

Great links. I might have to put away the etchant and send my money to these guys. We're finally getting down to my price point for this service. Good stuff, dude.